NW103.2: Corners

NW103.2: Corners

We’ve been through the “Corners & Edges” exercises in previous courses while working with PRIMARY. In these exercises we’re now using odor so we will reinforce that corners are productive places. I’d like you to focus on those INSIDE CORNERS:

For this exercise you’ll want to work INTERIORS and EXTERIORS, placing odor in whatever “corners” or niches you have available, ONE HIDE AT A TIME. If your dog has trouble locating the hides you could place boxes around the space so s/he has objects to investigate and then find the odor.

This is a simple exercise of “strategic hide placement” where we show the dog productive areas to investigate. Having success in these areas they will naturally go to them and your job becomes much easier! 🙂

Resist the urge to “add” difficulty with elevation or making the hide hard to get to. We can do that in other lessons. These searches should be simple! 🙂

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI