The Joyride K9 “ALERT!”

Random musings about K9NW, dogs in competition and whatever else is happening… (Ok, so it’s a blog but don’t hold my feet to the fire!)

Life is always an adventure

(Appreciating the kindness of friends & strangers) I’m a pretty independent person. I do many things for myself from fixing the refrigerator, the dryer, minor plumbing, etc. There are times, however when it’s really nice to have the help of others when it’s really needed. I was luckily blessed this weekend in ways that remind […]

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Finding Success with Failure

This post is not about nosework but I think one can extrapolate something from it for all dog sports venues. ~~~~~ See this pretty trophy? It’s ours but we didn’t “earn” it, we failed to receive the required points but got it by default by being the only dog in the class. I debated whether […]

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Chasing Ribbons

I’ve been thinking a lot about the quest for titles and ribbons. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with dog competitions but felt it my obligation to my dogs to take them to the places they could go and achieve the things they could do. With me along as the weak link at times, of […]

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I made a special section for Emmy, as a tribute to the dog who really brought me to this place and time in my life. It’s still difficult to talk about, the impact she had on me and how hard it was (is) to have lost her but she lived a good and full life. […]

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“Old Dogs Rule!”

Having an old dog has inherent challenges. Having your driven, high level working/sport dog age comes along with additional emotions and decisions; what activities do you still let them do? Do you just play at home, go to regular classes or enter competitions? Is your dog still enjoying him/herself? Do they like going to new […]

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But my dog already knows that!

Why do you go to class, any class? To learn? To practice? To see friends? There are probably a lot of reasons. Why does your dog go to class? To learn? To practice? To see friends? Well, in all honesty he goes because you took him there. 🙂 For many of us class time is […]

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UN-Peeling the Onion

“UN-Peeling the Onion?” What the heck does THAT mean??  Well, it’s the easiest way I can think to describe my thoughts on LESSONS. Huh? Lessons, training, working with your dog. Giving your dog tools along the way so you can err on the side of a successful outcome. When we train our dogs, it’s very […]

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Professional Detection vs Searching for Fun

I was so excited to be invited to attend the first joint detection dog conference between CNCA (California Narcotics Canine Association) and NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) in San Diego, CA! This has been in the planning stages for quite awhile as I recall chatting with a couple of our K9NW Judges about […]

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Wait Lists, Winners and Whiners

Yep, I’ve been a member of each of those categories! I try to stay positive but it is challenging when my current NW3 dog is wait-listed once again so there is no chance of us getting his Elite title any time soon. Well, that’s not really true, we could potentially get into another trial that […]

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“Dogs were put on this earth to humble us” ~ Kimberly Buchanan

I’ve used this phrase for many years and the longer I train and trial with dogs the more it comes back to me. I was the trial secretary for our Schutzhund club’s recent IPO event. It’s not hard, really, you just need to keep on top of the details from track layers and tracking articles, […]

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