WELCOME!  You have reached the “Online Education” side of Joyride K9 Dog Training where I focus on helping others learn about the activity and sport of K9 Nose Work® through online course offerings.


I believe the BEST education is in person with a qualified trainer. With the guidance of an instructor in real-time you have the ability to adjust your training and support your dog in the most timely manner. However, this is not possible for everyone. If you’re in a region without appropriate instruction or local classes just don’t mesh with your schedule but you’d like to play the game of K9 Nose Work®, online classes can fill the gap. Through the courses offered here, we will explore the ins and outs of the ACTIVITY and SPORT of this super fun scent game!
(If you’re looking for my local training page, please go to www.joyridek9.com)


For more advanced students, whether you are in a regular class or training on your own, online video critique with an experienced eye might just be what you need to continue progressing towards your fun or competitive goals.


As we like to say, “Happy Sniffing!” 🙂