NW103.3: Sourcing!

NW103.3: Sourcing!

This is a fun search that will keep you on your toes! You can choose INTERIOR or EXTERIOR in this search but in either you’ll be working ON LEASH.

You will place 3-5 hides in a relatively large search area without objects you might run into. You may pair if you like. If you choose to begin the search unpaired be ready to reward quickly as soon as your dog goes to odor!

When there is no more food with the odor it’s up to you to pay your dog quickly. If s/he returns to a previously found hide remember it’s important to “REWARD THE SNIFF” so wait for your dog to actually sniff the hide. Every time you must reward. It often becomes necessary to tell the dog “ok” or “let’s go find another” in order to move them on from one hide to the next if they get fixated too much on one or two hides. This is where your leash becomes important. Without giving a correction or saying “no” you’ll just prevent your dog from going back to hides already found in favor of locating new ones.

Your dog should always be on the hunt for more odor. This exercise CAN be in conflict with that so you want to be aware of that and try to balance the HUNT with the importance of the FIND.

It will be helpful for you in this exercise if you are able to keep food in your hand. Some dogs become too fixated on the hands so you’ll need to be ready with food from a bait pouch or pocket.

Release the hounds! 🙂

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI