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I made a special section for Emmy, as a tribute to the dog who really brought me to this place and time in my life. It’s still difficult to talk about, the impact she had on me and how hard it was (is) to have lost her but she lived a good and full life. Tears are always at the surface and my heart is broken but it is healing with the kind words and thoughts from friends all over the globe. She had a lasting impact on so many people and it’s lovely to know she will be remembered. For the sake of the dogs still here with me we carry on. It’s their turn now.

That’s do, Em, that’ll do…


By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI

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Sprite’s Entertaining Choice
SchH3, ELT2, MX, MXJ, MJB, XF, T2B, SJ, TM, PC, CGC +++

May 24, 2004 – October 11, 2018
14 years, 4 months, 17 days…. Still not enough time…. My heart is broken…

When I picked up puppy Emmy from Denise in 2004, her words were “Heaven help you,” knowing what a challenging pup she was going to be. Little did she know what adventures were to come and that I was the lucky one with the special “Pink Girl.”

What to say about a dog who changed my life? When Oscar died suddenly at 8 years of age, Emmy was just 5 years old and had some very big paws to fill. Well, that she did, in spades. And she made her own mark.

Emmy and I tried everything from Schutzhund to Agility, Herding (not her forte), Obedience (also not her forte!), Dock Diving, Lure Coursing, K9 Nose Work, etc. She is probably best known by many as the first NW3 and NW3 Elite dog in K9 Nose Work and I’m so happy for her that she has that place in history that can never be taken away. But we played in many venues and traveled to many places.

We worked hard in the protection sport of Schutzhund to earn her SchH3. We ran around the conformation ring one time for a lark but her slightly bobbed tail and crooked ear that showed so much personality didn’t quite fit that mold. I still called her my “pretty girl.”

Emmy and I traveled to Europe twice to compete in the FMBB agility championships in Belgium (2011) and Italy (2012), toured the Netherlands and France. I’m certain that she is the first dog to practice K9 Nose Work searches in all of those countries! I do have the videos…

She was a wonderful Agility dog. We had great fun with our friends at USDAA Cynosports, got to be on TV for the Incredible Dog Challenge which then led to our touring a bit with Carson Events for their Dock Diving “show.” Emmy never earned an agility championship but she was highly entertaining and made everything so much fun! Oscar made me look good but Emmy made me work for it! And besides, start lines were for sissies!

Emmy retired from Schutzhund after she earned her SchH3, retired from Dock Diving when she tweaked her back, retired from Agility after her arthritis got too bad a couple of years ago and stopped competing in K9 Nose Work after earning her ELT2 title in December of 2017. We still continued to train every week and she was always the epitome of a dog who loved to work. She showed exuberance and such happiness every time. She would literally drag me to the search areas and still had the chops to work the hard stuff. And afterward she would present her toy to anyone who would oblige to play a little tug with her. She never met a stranger, especially one who would play with her. 

Unfortunately after so many years her body said enough was enough and on Thursday, October 11, 2018 in Granby Colorado I had to say goodbye…

Fourteen wonderful years. It’s still not enough time. But the decision was made and she was done. I’m so incredibly sad to lose my friend and companion of so many years. We had so many wonderful adventures and my life is forever changed. I am eternally grateful to have shared it with such a spirit as Miss Em. <3

One thing I will leave you with; Be kind to the old dogs. They may have infirmities, maybe can’t hear or see so well or get around with the same physicality that they used to have. Let them do the things they love. And be present with them in those moments. Always. They’re there for you, be there for them. Because Old Dogs Rule…


Rest in peace, pretty girl, until our molecules merge again…

(If you would like to see more pictures of Miss Emmy, you can go to her facebook album here.)

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI