NW560M.8: It’s a Triangle of Odor!

NW560M.8: It’s a Triangle of Odor!

In this lesson we’ll be creating a “Triangle” of odor so that there are THREE HIDES all converging together but this time we’re going to focus on CONTAINERS.

Here are some suggestions for beginning success:

  • Use 3 different Odors
  • Keep the hides at the same level
  • Inside or outside
  • Work this off-leash if possible (safety first!)
  • Begin with hides spaced far apart from each other if possible
  • Only narrow the distance if your dog finds the challenge to be “easy” 🙂
  • Remove a container if your dog struggles and see what happens with only TWO hides and build on that

Have fun!

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI