NW560M.6: Take it Outside

NW560M.6: Take it Outside

“Take it Outside”

In this lesson we’re going to look back at the controlled scenarios we worked with for INSIDE and this time take them OUTSIDE where we can find more space but don’t have as much control over the environment. In these configurations we’re going to look at how odor moves when multiple hides are at the same heights.

Depending on the spaces you may have available, look for a location where the distractions are as minimal as possible, ideally in an area with a building and/or surfaces for odor to collect on. If you have access to an industrial park or some place without greenery you can avoid extra distractions. Use what you have available.

Part A: 3 hides all at ground level. Position the hides in somewhat of a “triangular” configuration with a hide at each point of the triangle. If you’re using a covered walkway with columns, place 1 or 2 hides at the base of the columns and 1 or 2 hides at the base of the building wall. With no columns, try to find objects in the environment to use.

Part B: 3 hides in a similar configuration as Part A but they will be elevated to 12-18″h.

Part C: 3 hides in a similar configuration as Parts A & B but at 3-4′ high this time. Don’t go much higher than 4-feet if your dog isn’t experienced with elevated hides. Keep in mind the higher the hides, the further away the dog needs to go to sort them out. I recommend putting the higher hides a bit further from each other, as well.

Have fun and stay safe! 🙂

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI