NW560M.5: Stuck in the middle!

NW560M.5: Stuck in the middle!

“Stuck in the middle!”

Building off the previous Lessons, now we look at what happens when there are multiple elevated hides in a space with an object in the middle where the odors might collect and merge. Where do the odors actually fall and how does the dog work back to each hide? Do they get stuck on 1 or 2 hides and have trouble with the others?

In this search we’re NOT going to use a fan but allow the odors to fall and drift naturally in the environment. You can place 2, 3 or 4 hides in the space, SLIGHTLY elevated, with an object in the middle that can provide a collection point for all of the hides.

20150220_144720-stuck in the middle







I recommend letting these hides “cook” for at least an hour to allow for the odors to settle. Your dog should work this search off-leash and you can start him anywhere.

What we’re looking for is how your dog works each of the hides and to give your dog the experience of using an object collecting multiple odors. If you see your dog starting to get frustrated I recommend stopping your dog after some success, putting him up and adjusting the search to have fewer hides or possibly lowering the hides slightly.

For dogs who tend to go back to the same hides over and over, try pairing each hide and watching to see if your dog chooses the same hide or goes to a paired hide instead!

Keep it fun! 🙂

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI