NW560M.3: Two of a kind

NW560M.3: Two of a kind

In our first lesson we experimented with a single hide, creating a pooling odor scenario by using a fan. In Lesson #2 we looked at 3 odors, converging AND pooling, also with the help of a fan. In this next lesson we’re going to explore just two converging odors with many different variations.

These are the constants:
* TWO hides
* Odors are to be at the same level
* Odors should be approximately nose-height for your dog
* Odors should be sourceable
* Odors across from each other in a “corridor” type of scenario – this could be a hallway or two rows of objects, your choice, but unobstructed from one to the next

These are the possible variables:
* Same odor vs. different odors
* Distance between hides across the “corridor”
* Distance between the hides along the “corridor” (Think of a zig-zag but with only 2 hides)
* Fan vs no fan
* Element selection – Interior, Exterior, Vehicle, Container

What we want to examine is how your dog works to source with minor/major variations. If your dog has trouble, back up a challenge and give them success. The more exposure with a variety of scenarios the easier it will be for your dog to solve the problem when those challenges become greater. And sometimes we can’t predict how those planned challenges become too difficult. So don’t be afraid to keep it simple!! 😀

By Kimberly Buchanan

Kimberly Buchanan CNWI