Terry Wright and Kai

    ohhhh, how high were you looking for? Like a foot over his head, or more? We can redo this one for practice or for the SOTMC Dec Interior lesson.

    It is a working Freezer so I suspect the motor could have been sucking in and blowing out odor.

    I am learning that if they are checking out one side, it could be on the opposite side, learned it the hard way in a trial 😉

    That’s what I was thinking it was an object on the garage door so he wanted to check it out, just in case. He did the same thing on the wooden closet door on the left side (wrong side of room) when he check out the metal lock/hing.

    I need lessons on when/how close to the odor source I can/should call alert 🙂 LOL
    I see that some dog are right on source and they keep their noses at source. So, I stress out about if I call it and he isn’t *right on* source. hmmm something to add to B2B Part 2, or is this more of an advance lesson?

    Thanks Kim, I also think that Taku worked this search area very well.

    Terry Wright