Deb (De) Frost

    OK, this Interior search was done at a friend’s house shortly before the August trial. I’ve watched it over and over, and still don’t really understand why the 2nd hide was so complicated.

    The search area is the bathroom and adjacent closet, with a threshold hide under the scales. Lots of “fabric” in the closet, but it was more a “seasonal clothes” and storage space rather than a closet used daily. The 2nd hide is in the closet – right at the doorway to the bathroom, tucked a couple of inches back under the edge of a wire storage box.
    The hides had been placed about an hour before. Very little air movement other than the bathroom door opening and closing. You can see how hard Baxter worked this hide.

    What do you see from Baxter in this search, and what might I have been missing as a hide setter?