Deb (De) Frost

Yep, Baxter skipped the left corner (as viewed by the camera) entirely the first time around. I did take note to get him back there, but it sure could’ve saved time if he’d gotten out there initially. I’ve been working on TRYING to get him to understand patterning better, but he’s pretty darn stubbornly HOUND-like in that respect. He likes to do things his way, which often doesn’t mesh well with my already lousy short term memory. ?

I’m betting it was Linda & Molly – they were at the same NW3 trial. Shoot, I didn’t even think to check to see if they’d already used the same search! ? I’ll check to see what else Linda posted before I put up my 3rd video, so I don’t duplicate another search!

So, do you think it would be more helpful for ME to spend more time outside the container area, or just see that HE does?