Deb (De) Frost

Finally! I ended up having to go on my Mom’s computer to get my videos uploaded to You Tube so I could download one here! 🙂 Success!

OK, I am starting out with the most awful of all my trial searches – go for it, Kim. I really do need to be slapped upside the head for this one. Talk about NOT supporting your dog. Sigh. It was a NW3 Exterior search. Unknown # of hides, large search area (intimidatingly large <g>), cool morning temps (50s-low 60s maybe?) Linda/Terry, do you remember? Fog and damp, but not raining. Breeze coming pretty much from left to right (as the camera sees it) across the start line.

YES, the (single) HIDE is on the front corner of the white building on the left of the start line. The breeze is blowing the odor across the area, pooling against the building on the right, especially the doorway. Baxter searched that wall end to end and top to bottom (as best he could reach) … in hindsight, his frustration is obvious. 🙁

Baxter caught the odor just a couple of feet in from the start line, but instead of working into the wind, he followed to odor to the building/doorway, where he ended up getting stuck “in odor, but not ON odor” … and with a handler that pretty much ended up trapping him there, blocking him from leaving the area to go in search of source. Had I just backed up a bit and given him “permission” to move on to search elsewhere, we most likely would’ve been fine. Grumble.

Does that pretty much cover MY end of the screw-up? I think he was on odor and he knew he couldn’t reach it … maybe thought it was simply inaccessible (up higher on the door?), or he may have known darn well it wasn’t there but stayed because I so obviously WANTED him to keep searching there?