Terry Wright and Kai

Yeah he did tell me where it was at .14 and I should have called it! When I was watching one of Susanne’s Trial videos, I wondered if they would use those *holey* picnic tables and benches as they were like Swiss cheese. Like you said, never say never, but they seemed like a hard thing to work with… but I suppose they would have to say up front what they would take as an alert area.

Anymore we don’t have unknown hides when we are practicing, so I can get in quickly to reward when Taku tells me it’s there.

Here is my second video. MOW #2 (SOTHC – Interiors Round 1 Low Hides)

I used two birch and two anise and they cooked for about 20 minutes.

.06 Taku finds the freezer hide (you can see it), I go in quickly before he gives me his *look*. He does go back and checks the side of the freezer, thinking odor went along the bottom to the side and up. He briefly checks out the other side also, but moves on.
.36 – He goes back to the first hide and yes I do talk to him and tell him to move on.
.42 – 2nd hide under the bottom file drawer. Again I move in quick to reward before the *look*. There was a little head snap.
1.02 – 3rd hide under the lip of the center metal bottom thingie on garage door. Great body snap!! Love it!! He is turning to give me the look since I was further away and didn’t get in before he started moving his head.

Hide 4 is under the bottom of the plastic tub under the chair. I’m thinking the odor spread over to his food bag. At 1.15 I believe that he picked up the odor and turned back towards it. At 1:24 after smelling the area he looks at me… hmmm?? In a trial not knowing where the hide was I could not have called alert, I could not have told them *where*, so I waiting on him to go back to work.
He makes a little circle, I expect that the odor has spread to the black web matting and the carpet. At 1.31 he is on it and has started to give me the *look*. I go in and treat at source.

My last video will be either of Round 2 or Round 3 of SOMTC Interiors.
I’m anxious to do them both and play around with the options also, so will try to finish up over on the SOMTC with Interiors 🙂

Terry Wright