Terry Wright and Kai

    Kim, know you’ve been busy… I asked for clarification about SOTMC – “Hi-Ho, Hi-Lo, It’s Off To Search We Go… Lesson, so I could do it for one of my videos for Movie of the Week. So, while I wait for your response I’ll submit this video that was taken late this summer at the back of our favorite Gas Station where they park their equipment waiting maintenance and/or body work.

    I’m calling this video Swiss Cheese. And Jim was holding the phone the wrong way… and he was talking 🙂

    First, have you seen anything like this used in trials, or anything that could be called Swiss Cheese??

    Second, I didn’t know where the hide was located… if I had known I would have called it at .14!!! (And the chances are good that I would have in a trial)

    At .31 it’s like he is looking at me like Mom what do you want, I alerted on it and you ignored me.

    At .40 he catches it at the top and alerts… again I do nothing 🙁 Looks like he wants to walk away… probably in disgust… HA

    1.04, he is catching odor… 1:17 he puts his front feet up and is in odor, gives me the *look*.

    At 1:23 he has his nose on it!

    So, since I didn’t accept his alert at .14, was I right on waiting until he was right on it at 1:23???


    Terry Wright