Sarah Woodruff

First video is from Ringwood NJ Elite trial. This was our first search of the day. Angie was pumped the entire day. For this search we had to go up a very steep and long set up rock stairs to get to the front door of the building. As you can imagine, with the door being held open she smelled odor and dragged me up those stairs.

Kim, when you were out in PA in March or April, one issue I thought I was having is that she was checking in with me more. At first I thought it was an age thing, but at this trial I finally figured it all out. You will see it in this first video, she checks in when she runs into a wall of converging odor. she stops and looks back at me. She is very independent and will search her heart out without me, so these check ins really threw me. I finally learned that there are 2 check ins (besides an alert). One is when she hits the massive wall of converging odor and the second is when she is done or there is a lack of odor present.

#1. There is a threshold hide and her behavior tells me that but she doesn’t source it immediately.
#2. At around 23/24 second you see that check in.

She ends up passing 4 hides to get the 5th under a chair and then we have to work back to finding the others.
The other hides are on the machine at the threshold, on the middle black square on the leg press (or whatever that is) and on the elliptical in the middle of the room, and behind the white board.

We end up missing one behind the white board. You can even see me thinking about leashing her up, but then i don’t. Of course in retrospect I wonder if that would have made a difference in finding that last hide???