Kathryn Dobyns

    I was really happy to see him bypass the distractors so well on this, especially since we have that L2C trial coming up in early December! In general, when we have had issues in trial it has been either blowing/pooling odor or interest in those pesky white boxes that have so often been rewarded! Jacy had 2 white boxes next to a piece of luggage with the dreaded powdered donut distractor that messed up a lot of teams last Sunday. Hunter barely sniffed the donut bag bag but clearly did the “ooh, white box, doesn’t smell like odor but maybe if I do a quick head check to mom, I might fake her out”. What I have learned from these exercises and the troubleshooting class is that Hunter will go back to odor – and now is getting stronger about not leaving it in the first place – but he typically ignores “not odor” on the second pass. Of course, give him too much time and he might decide to fake me out again – definitely a balancing act!