Susanne Howarth

You know I’m always up for more on-line work (even when I rebel and fail to follow the instructions precisely!).

Would you be interested in a B2B, Part 2 course? Absolutely
Would you be interested in a 3-wk or 6-wk course? Yes — whichever we can persuade you to do!
Would you be interested in a January or February start? What’s wrong with starting immediately? (You know me, I want to have my cake and eat it too…)
Would you be interested in a “Beyond Basics” course to follow? Yup. “Beyond” basics might enable me to control myself and do what we were assigned as opposed to constantly going further than one should for basics.
What else should I consider or other input do you have? I’d love to do the Troubleshooting course again — perhaps pick some stuff to work on with Blackie, since it was Biscuit who got to do that course last summer

I’d just be glad to see you extend this current session so that we would have time to finish all the extra lessons you’ve posted!