Kimberly Buchanan

Ok, so a few things to note here – and you’ve hit upon some yourself! 🙂

Yes, door being open certainly created more of a challenge with odors in that vicinity – AS DID your kitty!! (Good girl, Molly!) 🙂

It’s surely not a bad thing that Molly went to the corner hide first. This actually reinforces that it is a productive location and would allow her to work back to a different hide in the future where odor might be collecting. So in a way I’m glad to see this.

One question I do have for you is about allowing Molly to range into the other part of the house at (:25)? Since the goal of the exercise is to work multiple hides in a small-medium size space to see the dog working one hide to the next, I would have limited where Molly got to go by either calling her back or placing an Xpen blocking that area. (Just a thought.)

The good thing is that she was able to find a hide coming back INTO the search area from the out-of-bounds space.

Molly did a nice job overall working to source on all of the hides, not pawing and it was clear her expectation was to be paid! You did a nice job of standing back to let her work but also stepping in to support Molly when she needed it. 🙂

I think if you repeat this exercise on your own, put the hides much much closer and pair them. Oh – and remove the cat. 😉

BTW, I think your videographer was covering the microphone for most of the search. 😉

Kimberly Buchanan
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