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      Linda Bath

      Hello all! Molly and I have been participating in NW for about 6 years. She has received her NWI & NWII. We have tried for our NW3, which was a very educational experience. I am excited to be participating in this class to go back and re-visit and learn from the ground up. When we first started NW Molly had a beautiful alert and loved the game. I think she still loves the game, but we have become too serious and developed a few bad habits. (All in my handling skills!!!) The last year Molly had an ACL surgery, which she is still recovering from. Still needs to build muscle, but her overall attitude has improved immensely. Molly has been seen actually playing with other dogs! Before she was Miss grouchy girl. I hate to think how long she has been in pain.
      I am still working on rewarding faster so that Molly doesn’t paw.
      Along that line, also giving Molly the confidence to believe in herself.
      I am still learning air current and how to be a better support for Molly.
      So much more will unfold as we move forward.

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      So happy the Alaska crew is here! Welcome back Linda & Molly! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      So happy to be here!

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      Linda Bath

      Finally found a videographer! Whoops, should have watched the other videos first. Looks like I made the same mistake Gina made. It was fun and educational.

      I have to say before I started classes from you last winter; I didn’t ever have a plan in place when we did a search. Barely considered wind, temperature, etc. With that said, This first lesson has three separate goals. All were done back to back. The temperature was 28degrees with incredible wind.
      First search I used three vehicles and a boat. The hide was at the far end of the search area on the boat trailer. The wind was blowing towards the start line. I wanted to see:
      1. Would Molly pick up the odor at the start line and follow it to source?
      2. Would the wind cause pooling odor and would Molly work through that?
      Molly had her nose up and sniffing before the video started rolling. She started working immediately. Followed the odor around the first truck, around the front of the car, over to the tongue of the boat. Here she checked to see which side, then followed it up the trailer. On odor the whole way and alerted at source.
      I had expected her to not go around the truck like she did as I thought she had the odor from the start. After watching the video, Molly did have odor from the start, but the wind direction blew it the direction she went. I think this was a successful search.
      Search two was in a small, crowded greenhouse. I chose to put the hide in the wheelbarrow to make it inaccessible, and hard to get to. I also thought the odor would pool in the wheelbarrow as to it’s shape. I wanted Molly to go into the greenhouse while I stayed outside of the area to let her search. I wanted to see if she would maneuver around the crowded area without problem. Molly entered without hesitation. Worked the room on odor the whole time. Her nose was going strong. She was able to turn around and bracket the odor to source. I liked how she checked the planters and then lifted her nose to catch where the odor was. Molly was sure it was in the wheelbarrow, but checked one last time on the lawnmower. Then back to source. In a trial where I wouldn’t have known where the odor was I may have waited longer to reward, but wanted to get in there quick the second time.
      Third search is a three sided area in front of the garage. Wind is still howling, but coming from the back side of the area, so it is protected. There are many items stored here that could be distractions. Hunting game bags that had just had a goat in them. (Clean, but I know the dogs can still smell odor) A fish smoker that had a pan at the bottom. I chose to put a hide in the pan due to the odor of the game bags close, and the fish smell from the smoker. So one hide at the bottom of the door on the right. Fish smoker at the back of the room on the left.
      I was hoping:
      1. Molly would catch odor at the start line (door odor)
      2. The distractions wouldn’t throw her off.
      Molly did catch odor, but it was the one on the smoker. She went straight to it, then veered right and came back around the other side to the door. Caught it on the outside of the building and followed it back. Alert. She then returned to the smoker area, small interest in game bags then to source and alert.
      Successful in that the distractions did not throw her off. I do think I should have started her closer to the start line, which would have given her a better chance of catching the door odor.

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      Wow! Molly looks SO GOOD in these searches! I really think the training you’ve been doing is reinforcing her interest and desire to get to that source! I also appreciate that you paid her when you did with the inaccessible. You risk her giving up had you waited much longer.

      The challenges I see for these searches:

      Search #1:
      * Environment! Windy, windy day!
      * Large and unique vehicles
      * Hide placement – elevated hide that contributed to how it moved

      Search #2:
      * Environment: Small space
      * Environment: Crowded space
      * Environment: Gravel floor (more of a challenge w/a ground hide)
      * Inaccessible hide
      * Open door (likely taking odor UP)

      Search #3:
      * Environment: large cavernous space
      * Environment: Open on one end so outside air could move odor around
      * Distractions: Game bags, fish, etc.
      * Two hides
      * Threshold hide

      So as I’ve mentioned to others, the environment can add more than just one challenge! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Molly has been very good, not just on her searches; but life in general. I think she is no longer in pain. She actually has played with a couple dogs, which hasn’t happened in a couple years.

      Back to lessons.

      It is so much fun learning how to take it all into consideration. Before it was will she find a hide? Will she alert? Will she stay on it? That is all I thought about. Now there are so many other layers.
      Just fun.
      I will try and get the next lesson done and posted today. Wind is howling even worse up here, so it will be interiors first. How bad can it be? I had my glasses torn off of my face and blown across the parking lot!!! Wish that was caught on camera. LOL

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      Linda Bath

      Wind had quit and I finally found someone to run the camera. Beautiful vehicle search. Two vehicles and a trailer. Source was in the middle of the front on the bumper. Molly was eager, nose toward the vehicle. Went straight to the vehicle it was on checking the front left of the bumper. Followed it around, past to other side of bumper. Tire. Back to bumper and source.
      The Camera was turned off for video!!!!
      I am getting behind. Will try again today. Heading out to Mexico tomorrow.
      Just wanted to check in.

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      Oh darn! Well, just think of it as extra practice before your Mexico journey! I’m assuming Molly will be going with you again? Let’s hope she doesn’t get lost this time! Safe travels ~ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      It was a great practice. I am heading to Mexico today. Will be out of touch for a couple days. Not that I have been in touch. Lol. Talk to you very soon.

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      Ok! Jump back in when you get a chance! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Hi Kim we are back and far behind in lessons. Will try hard to catch up.
      I Decided to start with threshold hides. The heat and humidity is very high, even inside. The overhead fans are moving in all but the last room. In both bedrooms the patio door is also open with a gentle breeze. The first search is to the left of the door about three feet in. It is located on the edge of the bed. Molly is on odor as she enters the room. Goes past source to the patio door. Then follows it back to source. The next search is also a bedroom. This hide had cooked for on hour. Molly rushes in to the far end of the room. She checks corners, beds, dressers, and follows it back to source. (Watching the video I remembered that I could have held her at the door a little longer in hopes she had odor at the start).
      Third search is in a bathroom. The hide is under the sink inbetween the louvered doors. This one was pretty easy for her. There was not any moving air (no fans or breezes) and the room was very small. Molly checked the shower just in case, then alerted on source.
      Your thoughts?

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      Ok, a couple of things are happening;

      Molly seems to become a happy searcher! So the prep you are doing at the start: “Are you ready?? Molly, are you ready?? Find it!” is creating a bit too much of a desire for Molly to race into the search and blow by the threshold. We see this consistently for all of the searches. In the first search you also start her way far back before the threshold. She needs to be up much closer to the start line to assess the environment, hopefully catch odor and go directly to the hide.

      The other thing is that you let her range out quite far by paying out the line into the room. I hadn’t given you specific instruction with the lesson but I will suggest that you not rev her up and not let Molly range further than 4-5 feet for the next few searches. I think she’s got the game and wants to find odor, she’s just not engaging her nose until she has passed the area.

      I’m not sure I would consider the last search a threshold hide. Yes, it’s within the limits of 6 feet but it’s a tiny space. I will suggest that you place some hides within 6-24″ of the entry into a space for Molly to see if she will begin working BEFORE she enters the space.

      Rather than have you work the other elements, I think it would be good to rework the interior first to see if you can get Molly to immediately go to a hide super close to the start. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Oh – and welcome back! Nice to see you’re now settled in Mexico! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Holding Molly at the door and not exciting her worked!
      Basically the same scenarios as before. Hot (92) humidity at 90 percent. Hides were cooked for 15 minutes.
      First hide is to the right in the garbage can. I did not wait until Molly looked at the hide. She was looking at my sister to the left. So Molly headed left, but caught odor and turned. Alert.
      Second hide is to the left under the seashell. When I watched the video it is almost a straight forward hide, rather than to the left. I hold Molly and she goes straight to it.
      Third hide is in the middle of the bed, sitting on a box on the floor. This one is a little harder for her. Probably due to the open window and the fan. Molly wants to rush into the room, but I hold her within the area of the search. It appears the odor is drifting up as she checks the dresser, then the side tables. Follows it to source.
      Good dog.

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      I loved how quickly she solved these problems! Much easier for her up closer and she seemed much more inclined to believe the hide would be close. Excellent! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      I love how excited she is. So much better than last year!
      This time we did the containers.
      One hide in a freezer bag we moved from place to place.
      Total of 8 bags. The temperature 88 degrees, 66% humidity. Cooked 15 minutes.
      I held her at the line.
      First hide is on the right front. Molly wants to rush in. I hold her. She goes left then back to the right and alerts on odor. Second search is on the left. Molly goes right-then left to odor. Third one is straight up one row in the middle. Molly starts right and then catches odor/ alert. Fourth search I removed the freezer bag and put the odor in the box to the right. It had a hole in it. Molly catches odor from the outside and alerts.
      Molly was a bit hot today, but still did work.

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      I think holding Molly back a bit helped her to figure out the problem very quickly! I think, even if the hide isn’t there, it’s not a bad idea to help her investigate the threshold possibilities. Great enthusiasm! ๐Ÿ™‚

      The only thing I would suggest is to pay faster. She’s pawing quite aggressively. It probably won’t “hurt” a bag but a bad habit you want to not worry about.

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Her pawing is an issue. I had been pairing so she would get paid faster. Should I do that in these excercizes as well?

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      Linda Bath

      On to the next: Exteriors.
      This was filmed at a restuarant that has never had odor before. I chose to put one under the table, one below an umbrella, and one on a pillar; which fell off before we did the search. Around 10am, all cooked about ten minutes, 86 degrees, slight breeze.
      Molly did well on all three searches. No rushing. I was a little late rewarding under the umbrella. ON the table she alerted back from where it really was, but I rewarded as there was probably a breeze carrying it there.

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      To answer your question about pairing – do so if you can ensure the dog can SELF-REWARD. Most of the time that doesn’t work in Container searches. As Terry pointed out in the Classroom forum, you really do need to have Molly get used to you having food in your hand like you have in the Exterior video. The delay is what is causing the pawing. You should be racing her to the bag with payment the moment you see recognition. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Molly was very fast in solving these problems, as well! In the Container video she wanted to keep going and the leash held her back. In these she seems to be more focused in the beginning. You could still get in to reward faster but this looks good overall! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Finally found someone to video. My non Nosework friends aren’t as enthusiastic in participation.
      Hot with no breeze that I could detect. Three searches. First one is directly in the middle of the grill. First one cooked for 30 minutes. Second hide is to the left in the wheelwell. Third is in the crack of the drivers door. Both of these only cooked a few minutes.
      First search. Molly appears to go directly to the source, then moves to the left. I ask her to go back and she catches the odor on the right side of the grill. Follows it to source. How quickly I forget and am not prepared to reward!! Second search Molly heads right and I have her come back to the left. She catches odor and alerts, but should have I followed her instead? Yes!!! Third hide Molly wants to head out into the yard. I again direct her back to the car. She puts her nose to the car and alerts on door.
      good dog Molly.

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      Tough area to do a vehicle search. I think you’ve done searches there before? It’s inside under cover and I think all enclosed, yes? Molly seems to be doing a “room search” vs a vehicle search. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BUT, she does focus on the vehicle once you prompt her. I wonder if you paired odor for searches like this if it would motivate her? Was it extra hot? (I see you don’t have shoes on.) I wonder if there is something sapping part of her energy? She’s happy enough but just not quite as enthusiastic as we’ve seen previously.

      Search 1 – yep, late on reward. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Search 2 – Nice head snap! And good reward timing.
      Search 3 – Not really a threshold search from where you started (remember, think of this being under 6-feet from where you begin – ideally much less, especially if you see her starting to wander)

      I did notice that you start quite far back from the vehicle. Molly might need to be brought up to the vehicle to search when there are other distractions in the room or if you see her not as focused as you want her to be. Just a thought! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Kim it is beyond hot here at this time. The humidity is awful. At the moment I think both of us would welcome a snow bank! Yes I have done searches here before. Molly usually enjoys a vehicle search without issue. I didn’t think about the enclosure. Makes it more of an interior vehicle search. Usually I do bring her up closer to search a vehicle before I tell her to search. Not sure why, but both of us were a little distracted. Would you like to see another vehicle search?

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      Linda Bath

      Hey Kim. Not sure if I should be going forward with the lessons or redoing the last lesson.

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      Sorry, I missed your last question! I’ll leave it up to you, if you want to try to work thru it again or move on. I know it’s hard for you to get someone to videotape and to have access to vehicles. If you think it’s something you’d like to give another try to help Molly I’m ok if you want to repeat it but it’s not necessary.

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Kim I am going to move on due to time. I will repeat the lessons for our own experience and knowledge.
      I have a lot of video for the corners/edges. They were filmed at different times, temperatures, and days.
      The first one was filmed at ten in the morning. Not as hot-guessing around 80 degrees. It had lightly rained the night before. The wind was very gentle; blowing towards us. Had cooked the odor for about ten minutes. Molly followed down the wall and alerted. Was a small inside corner.
      The next search is the day before. Around 11 am..hot, hot, hot, and humid. Odor cooked for about 15 minutes. Wind was blowing towards us, but I had set the kit with odor on the small wall while I set the searches up. None of the swabs or tins touched the wall. As you can see Molly gets side tracked with that odor residue. She manages to work through it and catches the actual odor around the corner and then goes back to the other wall and to odor. Alert. You can’t see in this video, but I practically pointed to it as I gestured her back to the wall.
      The third search is the inside corner. Set on the same day as the first search. Around ten in the morning. 15 minute cook. Wind was blowing towards the odor and swirling inside the door area. My guess anyway. Molly checks outside the space, catches odor as she goes into the door area and alerts on the source.
      The last search, outside corner, was done the same day as the second search. This was the third search of the day. Cooked about 20 minutes. Wind was blowing towards us, possible swirling action. Molly caught the odor on the door and then followed to source. Not sure if she didn’t visually see it.
      I have another video of the outside edge/corner that was very interesting as well. It was filmed on the hot day. If you want I will post it after you see this one. Shows me not handling very well, but Molly works through it nicely.

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      Molly did a good job! I think the search with the short wall was challenging not because you had set an odor kit in place, I’m guessing the air currents were not cooperating for her to find the hide. OFTEN when a dog is interested in one side of a corridor but they cannot find a hide it’s because it is behind them. Think about the air moving up and over that shorter wall. Molly might have been catching scent up there because that’s where it was moving. It was a good challenge for her to work thru and a good example for us to see that “simple” isn’t always so simple! ๐Ÿ™‚

      You’re welcome to post the next video if you’d like. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      I watched the short wall video again and can see that the air probably was moving that direction. This next video I think Molly did an excellent job of working through me trying to control her. The hide is close to the corner on the left, not street side of the wall. I think Molly caught odor on the pole and then wants to go straight along the street side wall. Instead of letting her go I hold her to the corner. She goes up the wall side the odor is on and back. Rechecks the pole, street side wall, I jerk on the leash! She comes to me. I reque her. Molly goes back up the wall is obviously on odor, rechecks the street side and then alerts on the odor.
      Good grief! Good dog Molly! The poor girl was very hot, but still was working.

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      Good observation! Yep, I’m betting the breeze was taking the hide around the other side. You can see she’s definitely catching scent! Good lesson for letting the dog choose where to go, up to a point, but especially around corners! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Yes. I have been learning a lot from this class. ON to the next lesson, Interior corners.
      These were shot on two different days.
      The first one is an inside corner. Cooked about 20 minutes. The ceiling fan was on during the cooking period, but turned it off before we began the search. Molly caught odor from the start, smelled the cushions, moved along the wall, and finds source easily.
      Second search was cooked for about five minutes. Outside corner on the wall by the door. Molly heads left to the dog bed, smells along the cabinet, on odor. Checks the door and then source.
      Third search. Cooked for over an hour. It is on the outside of a corner on a long, short wall. What I had hoped was she would follow the wall to the odor. Instead she goes down the center of the room, catches odor from the furniture across from the odor, follows back to source.
      Fourth search was done after a short cooking of ten minutes. It is the inside corner of a long wall, on the floor. When I start Molly, I indicate for her to search the wall, which she does. Molly doesn’t go to the corner, but instead moves to the cabinet. She is on odor as she works out where the source is. Alert.
      I have added a fifth search done the day before. This is the corner on a long wall and cooked for over 30 minutes. I forgot to turn the ceiling fan off, which caused the odor to be everywhere. As you can see, Molly is searching very hard, but has difficulty pinning the actual source down. Once I turn the fan off she is able to Narrow the odor source. Molly uses the cabinet, just like she did on the previous hide.
      All in all I think Molly did very well staying on odor, working through the problems, and getting to source. There was only one pawing incident where I did not get there fast enough to pay.
      What else do you see?

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      Good job with the rewarding – I wonder if it’s more of a problem on Containers?

      I think Molly would be helped by working corner hides a lot! I think she could use some strategic hide placements to help her to want to check the corners more readily. She eventually found the odor but tended to do it from the opposite side from where the hide was and if she knows those locations are productive she might solve the problem faster.

      Very interesting search challenge with the fan on and then off.

      Also, really good instinct on your part to take a tiny step into her at (3:25) to use body pressure to turn her back into the corner. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      I agree Molly needs more work with corners. It appears as if she doesn’t know they exist! I also think she needs more work with threshold hides, as you will see in these next videos. Thank you about rewarding. I have been focusing on getting to Molly fast and rewarding even if she hasn’t completely committed. I hope that doesn’t open another can of worm! LOL.
      Today we are seeing a lot of rain. Temperature has cooled to 72 degrees. Slight wind at times. The search area is enclosed on three sides so did have a little of the breeze, which didn’t seem to affect Molly’s search. The backpack has the odor in a small pocket. It cooked for an hour before we did any searches.
      This video doesn’t have the searches in the order ran. Hopefully that isn’t an issue.
      1. Corner on the far left. Set up in an L shape while trying not to have bags sitting where odor has been. (Actually the last search of the day.) Molly heads to the right checking each bag on to the corner bag, alert.
      2. Backpack is at the threshold. She is almost on top of it, but goes around checking the odor on the table, two other bags and then back to source.
      3. Corner hide to the right of the start line. Molly appears to be on odor from the start line. Checks the bag, the plant, and back to bag.
      4. Edge. (This is actually the first search of the day). Skips past the first bags, to backpack. Alert.
      5. Edge Heads up the same side as the previous search. Checks bag where scent had been, over to source. Alert.
      Molly did well with no pawing. Yeah! Didn’t have much trouble with the searches from what I could see. You?

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      Nice job and notice – SHE DIDN’T PAW! You got in there right away and paid quickly before the paw or maybe she’s already looking for your reward so good job! (And no, I don’t think that’s a can of worms. Once the expectation of you paying her is fully ingrained, a SLIGHT delay should elicit the communication you’re looking for.)

      A few things I’d like to point out:

      In the first search, Molly had to go BEYOND the corner bag towards the edges of the space in order to work back to the hide.

      In the second search, it’s easy to see how something can be missed. She is, as you say, nearly on top of the hide and never investigates it until she checks others. BUT, note that you stay back at the threshold and do NOT push her into the search area. GOOD!

      She’s focused and working containers nicely here!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Molly has been very focused. On the vehicle search we had several people stop to watch, which didn’t distract her. My neighbor, Jack, came out. Molly loves him. So between searches she visited him.
      Cool weather with a slight breeze.
      Left bumper..Molly catches the odor at the front, follows it back. Alert.
      Right side of car, between the doors. Follows up and alerts.
      Rear bumper right. Alert. This is the small distraction from people.
      Rear bumper left side. Alert.
      Last search is under the edge of the car. Alerts, but the paw comes up.
      Good job Molly. Slightly slow for Linda.
      All in all is good.

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      Ha! Good job, Molly! And you can see at the last hide, she froze up at source, didn’t get paid and decided to paw – oops! Timing! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I am very happy to see her focused on the vehicle and you did a very nice job of keeping her ON the vehicle by slight use of body pressure, keeping slightly in front of her. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Yep. I have to be fast at the rewarding. Molly is giving me a little bit more time to get there. Not quite so impatient. I did notice I was in front of her during the search and made myself slow down. I am very happy with her progress.

      This next search for source I chose to do inside; Kitchen/dining room area. Made sure the fans were off. I set 6 hides of varying odors, pairing three of them. I wanted to see if Molly would go into the corners and if she would check the threshold. As you can see, I should have closed the door behind us when we came in. I think she would have found the threshold hides much faster.
      1: to the left of threshold, lower left of Refridgerator.
      2: Straight in from threshold on little wall about a foot up.
      3: to Left of start in the kitchen on the stove, lower left corner.
      4. Along the bar area on the barstool, second from the wall, under the seat.
      5: Same corner hide used in previous searches in the dining room. (Molly remembered to look)
      6: Opposite from the corner hide in the dining room on the cabinet.

      Molly Goes left and straight to the corner hide in the dining room. (Odor or memory?) She then goes deep into the living room where there are no hides before continuing back to dining room. Finds cabinet hide and seems to pick up her enthusium a little bit. Block her at the door; she goes into the kitchen, checks the garbage can and then follows odor around the bar. Molly sources it to the bar stool. Here she continues to check the bar stools, lots of odor pooling in the chairs.
      Molly then goes around the kitchen table and back to the cabinet. While she is checking the cabinet I close the kitchen door. Molly comes back to start line, follows odor to Fridge. Yeah! At this point she is not sure she wants to continue. Looks at me like she is expecting another treat. Goes back into the kitchen and sources the stove hide. Back to the fridge to the door and around to the wall hide. Yeah! Took a little while, but she did continue to search and found all the hides.
      Did not paw once! Continued to search. If I had closed the door from the start I do believe she would have found those three hides faster.
      I think a pretty successful search for both of us.
      Your thoughts?

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      Ok, so a few things to note here – and you’ve hit upon some yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, door being open certainly created more of a challenge with odors in that vicinity – AS DID your kitty!! (Good girl, Molly!) ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s surely not a bad thing that Molly went to the corner hide first. This actually reinforces that it is a productive location and would allow her to work back to a different hide in the future where odor might be collecting. So in a way I’m glad to see this.

      One question I do have for you is about allowing Molly to range into the other part of the house at (:25)? Since the goal of the exercise is to work multiple hides in a small-medium size space to see the dog working one hide to the next, I would have limited where Molly got to go by either calling her back or placing an Xpen blocking that area. (Just a thought.)

      The good thing is that she was able to find a hide coming back INTO the search area from the out-of-bounds space.

      Molly did a nice job overall working to source on all of the hides, not pawing and it was clear her expectation was to be paid! You did a nice job of standing back to let her work but also stepping in to support Molly when she needed it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think if you repeat this exercise on your own, put the hides much much closer and pair them. Oh – and remove the cat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      BTW, I think your videographer was covering the microphone for most of the search. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Linda Bath

      Never thought of Missy the cat as being a distraction. LOL. She is always wanting to be in the middle of things.
      I also never thought of blocking that part of the living room from her, but did call her back in to the search area which you didn’t hear due to the blocked audio.
      I will do this one exercize again on my own time.
      The exterior hardscape area I did in a large patio yard. It does have some plants, but tried to stay mostly around the cement. I really thought the fireplace area would be an interesting search. Ten in the morning. Going to be a very hot day.
      I also forgot my leash!!! Had to use a huge rope, which worked but was a bit heavy and awkward.
      The first hide was on at the threshold on the wheelbarrow. Wind gently blowing towards us. Molly had it at the start line. She then moved to the next find on the wooden crate. Here she is hoping to stay and get a lot of treats, but moves on with urging. Third hide is found outside the fireplace. Fourth up the wall on the bricks.
      Fifth hide she found was on the little brick wall. I did pull her back instead of letting her move towards what she was interested in. Which may have been the sixth hide on a piece of metal off of the wooden crate.
      Molly stayed on task. Never pawed. Wasn’t too distracted from the huge leash. Not sensitive and isn’t bothered by any animal smells. There was a dog poo near the front of the start line (I did not notice until into the search) and Molly wasn’t bothered by it. Usually she won’t go anywhere near other poo and tip toes.
      No Pawing.
      Your thoughts?

    • #8525

      SUPER! You can really see how Molly is working one hide to the next! ๐Ÿ™‚ And, especially knowing the distractions that she had to work thru I thought this was one the best searches she’s done in this course! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

    • #8526
      Linda Bath

      That is awesome! I thought she did very well too.
      Will post the next search in the morning. Can’t believe this class is almost done!

    • #8535
      Linda Bath

      I chose this site as I knew 1. There would be a lot of traffic (by road) 2. There may be a lot of dogs that had been through and used it as a bathroom. 3. I thought that would be a challenge for Molly. I did not expect her to refuse to search.
      Six hides. One on the bush to the left on the start line. Next: Across and back on the wall to the right of start line.
      third forward on ground near another bush. (Was some garbage in the vicinity.) Fourth on pole to the back. Fifth on coconut tree. 6th along wall at the back of the search area.
      Molly comes into the search area rather slowly, but is searching. She did not catch first three hides. Puts her nose on the hide on the pole (should have paired!) then past all hides to some crittering. I pair the pole hide and one along side the wall. Alert, Alert. Puts nose on hide on tree trunk, no alert, just moves on. Over to wall. Alert. Leaves area. Back to bush then back to the coconut tree an alerts. Then refuses to continue to search. Leaves area. Catches odor on bush at threshold alerts (I take it a little farther out). Doesn’t want to search where the bush is. I pair it (should have from the start) and lure her to the hide.
      What did I learn.
      All the hides should have been paired.
      What else can I do when Molly shuts down?
      I never saw any actual dog poo but that is how she normally acts in an area that has had a lot of dogs through. The traffic was worse than I thought it would be at that time of day 9am.
      Your thoughts?

    • #8556

      I think you were smart to pair those you could. I think you’re right, in a search where you think she’s going to be extra distracted, pairing is good. Or not so many hides. You can see Molly is trying to be compliant but just didn’t want to search in the “yucky” area.

      Rather than lead her to the last hide, just call it. Really know that it’s OK if she doesn’t get all the hides! Look at what learning is to be had and if you’re luring her to a hide you’re stepping backwards not forward. You don’t want to do that. Not all searches are going to be perfect but that’s where WE learn. How do you help your dog to find success in those areas? Explore smaller steps, only use the edges of the area, pair everything, fewer hides, etc. so there isn’t one giant leap into distractor land. Sometimes we don’t even know that’s what is happening until we’re in the middle of it. Now you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

    • #8564
      Linda Bath

      Yes this is how we learn. Did not think about moving backwards instead of forward. Actually I was thinking that she would learn to step where she does’t want to go. With less hides she would have been more successful for sure. Every search I learn something! I have to tell you I am learning so much. In case I forget to tell you, Thank you.
      The next search is pretty simple. I used our water bottles as a barrier with the refridgerator and chair.
      One hide/paired just in case.
      Hot. Little or no wind. Molly wants to head into the house to search, but I hold her. She goes to the right gets on odor and goes between refridge and bottle. Alert. Success

    • #8566
      Linda Bath

      I was hoping to get one more search in today, but it is another Mexican holiday. This means the fire crackers have started and Molly is a mess. Thank you for u for a great class. I look forward to the continuation.

    • #8622

      Awesome! Nice, simple search after her icky pee/poo search! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Hang onto your next videos! We’ll be coming back for a Part B this Jan/Feb!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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