Linda Bath

    Yep. I have to be fast at the rewarding. Molly is giving me a little bit more time to get there. Not quite so impatient. I did notice I was in front of her during the search and made myself slow down. I am very happy with her progress.

    This next search for source I chose to do inside; Kitchen/dining room area. Made sure the fans were off. I set 6 hides of varying odors, pairing three of them. I wanted to see if Molly would go into the corners and if she would check the threshold. As you can see, I should have closed the door behind us when we came in. I think she would have found the threshold hides much faster.
    1: to the left of threshold, lower left of Refridgerator.
    2: Straight in from threshold on little wall about a foot up.
    3: to Left of start in the kitchen on the stove, lower left corner.
    4. Along the bar area on the barstool, second from the wall, under the seat.
    5: Same corner hide used in previous searches in the dining room. (Molly remembered to look)
    6: Opposite from the corner hide in the dining room on the cabinet.

    Molly Goes left and straight to the corner hide in the dining room. (Odor or memory?) She then goes deep into the living room where there are no hides before continuing back to dining room. Finds cabinet hide and seems to pick up her enthusium a little bit. Block her at the door; she goes into the kitchen, checks the garbage can and then follows odor around the bar. Molly sources it to the bar stool. Here she continues to check the bar stools, lots of odor pooling in the chairs.
    Molly then goes around the kitchen table and back to the cabinet. While she is checking the cabinet I close the kitchen door. Molly comes back to start line, follows odor to Fridge. Yeah! At this point she is not sure she wants to continue. Looks at me like she is expecting another treat. Goes back into the kitchen and sources the stove hide. Back to the fridge to the door and around to the wall hide. Yeah! Took a little while, but she did continue to search and found all the hides.
    Did not paw once! Continued to search. If I had closed the door from the start I do believe she would have found those three hides faster.
    I think a pretty successful search for both of us.
    Your thoughts?