Kathryn Dobyns

We are back from our weekend of volunteering in MD – really awesome trial hosts! Hunter had a great time running all the NW3 searches as DIW, and I got some free coaching from Jacy ?. He put out two searches with 3 hides (one interior and the vehicle search) and a blank room in interiors. Hunter’s vehicle and exterior searches were just about perfect, my instincts were in line with Jacy’s coaching in containers (he wasn’t going to give me a chance to misread my dog!) and the only trouble he had with interiors was the first room where one of the judges was standing directly in front of the third hide. He has actually had that happen in both DIW opportunities – a good reason for the test run ?. I really was happy with the way he handled the blank room – he searched it thoroughly but never gave me any indication of finding anything.

So back to class! I ran the maze exercise last week right after the barrier. I used the same hide location and just added more obstacles. Since he figured out the first run so quickly, I changed the maze setup and ran it again, which you will see really challenged him!