Linda Bath

    Yes. I have been learning a lot from this class. ON to the next lesson, Interior corners.
    These were shot on two different days.
    The first one is an inside corner. Cooked about 20 minutes. The ceiling fan was on during the cooking period, but turned it off before we began the search. Molly caught odor from the start, smelled the cushions, moved along the wall, and finds source easily.
    Second search was cooked for about five minutes. Outside corner on the wall by the door. Molly heads left to the dog bed, smells along the cabinet, on odor. Checks the door and then source.
    Third search. Cooked for over an hour. It is on the outside of a corner on a long, short wall. What I had hoped was she would follow the wall to the odor. Instead she goes down the center of the room, catches odor from the furniture across from the odor, follows back to source.
    Fourth search was done after a short cooking of ten minutes. It is the inside corner of a long wall, on the floor. When I start Molly, I indicate for her to search the wall, which she does. Molly doesn’t go to the corner, but instead moves to the cabinet. She is on odor as she works out where the source is. Alert.
    I have added a fifth search done the day before. This is the corner on a long wall and cooked for over 30 minutes. I forgot to turn the ceiling fan off, which caused the odor to be everywhere. As you can see, Molly is searching very hard, but has difficulty pinning the actual source down. Once I turn the fan off she is able to Narrow the odor source. Molly uses the cabinet, just like she did on the previous hide.
    All in all I think Molly did very well staying on odor, working through the problems, and getting to source. There was only one pawing incident where I did not get there fast enough to pay.
    What else do you see?