Kathryn Dobyns

    We did this search about mid-day after our therapy visit to the hospital, so we could easily find a novel exterior location in the next town to the east. The temperature is about 52 and it had been raining intermittently, light breeze and I was uncomfortably cold and not doing my best with handling. I chose a shorter leash because this was the edge of an active shopping center and I did not want him to get out in the road. The first minute of the search is nice – he does a really nice threshold and finds 4 hides in 25 seconds, then spends another 20 seconds working out the wall hide. That part I am happy with. The last minute, though was a lot of spinning and bouncing back and forth between the first 2 hides and he just was not finding the last hide near the curb. When I finally stepped off the sidewalk onto the road, that set him up to locate the last hide. I wonder if I had used the longer leash and given him more space to work independently if that last hide would have come more easily…