Donna Ewing

Bryce – Lesson 5a – The Barrier

The setup for this lesson is the dogroom – a long narrow room with a couple of crates, a treadmill, and a table. It was previously a porch – windows on both sides. I moved the crates and opened the crate doors to create the barrier – he had to zig zag a little to get through. Lots of dog smells in this room! I did this lesson offlead due to space considerations.

Bryce spends a lot of time searching the area in front of the barrier – basically checking everything out. His stopping and hesitating at :33 was because a car going down the alley made a loud noise and he stopped a few seconds to listen. But he started searching again pretty quickly. Finally at :41 he started going around the barrier and started searching the other part of the room. At 1:00 he catches lingering odor from a hide placed there earlier in the day (I think!). He catches odor at 1:04 I believe with a slight head snap. I decide to pay at 1:08 when he sticks to Source.

My takeaway from this search is that he is actually searching! I can hear the sniffing, he is seeking out odor checking ‘things’ out. I’m happy with this. I filmed Lesson 5c tonight, too, and I can’t wait to show you!! My little Rockstar!