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      Donna Ewing

      Hello. Bryce is a 2 1/2 year old English Springer Spaniel and my second Nosework dog (Darcie is my first Nosework dog, getting ready to enter her first Elite trial). Bryce and Darcie couldn’t be more opposite. Darcie has an amazing work ethic – lives to please. She was trained the traditional method – pairing in boxes. Bryce just wants to run and have fun – it’s all about Bryce. Bryce has been training for a little over a year. He was trained using the odor first method; and unfortunately he has not progressed as quickly as I would have liked. But he LOVES boxes! He is not a chow hound nor does he play with toys much. As I mentioned – he just wants to run and run and be Bryce.

      Bryce does know all 3 NACSW odors and he passed all 3 ORTs on his first try. It was BOXES, of course! He will search the rooms in our house – and does a decent job. But his class never ever does interiors, so I’m not sure how he would do elsewhere. Class is always outside and in limited areas (evenings, lighting, etc.). And take him outside near grass, bushes, objects, etc. – he marks. Vehicles – he just doesn’t get them.

      So as you can see we need lots of help and experience! How do I make Nosework with Mom as fun as anything else? He is entered in an L1C and an L1I trial in November. Mainly to see how he does in a trial environment and also just to have some fun with my boy.

      I’m very excited to get started (although I’ll be a few days late getting started). I know that Bryce can ‘get it’ – we just need a new start! Thanks, Kim, for letting us join at Gold.

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      Welcome Donna! So happy to have you and Bryce join us! I know it can be hard when your first dog is a solid searcher and the next one has those big paws to fill! I do hope we can find some things to get Bryce through these challenges so it’s fun for both of you! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Bryce – Lesson #1

      I wanted to set Bryce up for success especially with this first lesson so these are easy searches (3 short ones back to back – same search area).

      In the classes we used to take, Bryce had trouble with motivation. We would get to a search area and he would just kind of stop and meander around. So my first challenge was motivation and excitement at the start line. I accomplished this by working the warm up boxes (which he LOVES) first and moved right into the search. I think this was a success.

      The second and third challenges were on lead and blind (2nd and 3rd search). Around the house I have let him search off lead mostly because I’ve been told that I lead too much when I know where the hide is and he is on lead. The first hide was known to me. The search area was small so not much room to move around so I tried to stay mostly near the middle and tried not to guide him.

      Another challenge was outside. I have a real problem with Bryce peeing in exteriors (especially grass!). He hikes and ‘pee-walks, both! One of the areas we take him to pee is right off of the driveway so I want to start working him closer and closer to that area without peeing while in his Nosework harness.

      All in all for a first lesson I think we had successes.

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      So your challenges you set for these exercises:
      * Motivation and excitement at the start line
      * On leash search
      * Blind search (last 2)
      * Exterior environment
      * Small search area

      So I would agree that you accomplished success with Bryce on these searches. He does start to check out around the (:55) mark. I’m guessing because he’s checked the area and not found source. His nose was working so he was either trying to decide where odor was coming from or checking out some distraction in that direction? He got back to work and did find the last hide but only when he passed it downwind!

      So there are a few things to think about;

      First thing to consider is to NOT call “alert” when you get to a known hide. It can be a cue for the dog just like “yes” and if you’re wrong you’ve just told the dog they’re correct and they’re getting paid and then you have to take it back. It can be confusing for the dog. You might try other language or a “look” at your hide setter to see if you’re correct.

      Secondly, don’t forget your corners. ๐Ÿ™‚ In the last search you had a hide that Bryce needed to access from the downwind side and it happened to be a corner hide which is why he missed it a couple of times. I know why you stayed in the middle but consider moving a little bit so he has access to checking all parts of the search.

      And lastly, consider not doing too many blind searches at this stage since you want to be able to race in and pay Bryce when he’s correct. His indication was very nice in these searches! But if the challenges get harder he may not be as strong and you mentioned in the beginning that keeping him motivated has been a challenge. Don’t forget the motivation comes from successful searches so you want to make sure he’s confident and “up” throughout the search. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Kim – thank you for your comments on Lesson 1. Here is the first element of Lesson 2 – Interior thresholds. Since Bryce is a true beginner, I kept these threshold hides very simple. I also used it as training – holding him some at threshold for him to get into and stay in odor searching around the start line. I have to say that I’m thrilled with his excitement at the start line – in the class I was in he had just looked like he had lost interest – maybe it was the wait or the distraction of other dogs hanging around. I don’t know – but this is definitely an improvement. These hides were aged about an hour.

      1st room – Daddy is the videographer so Bryce always wants to check him out first. I don’t know why he sneezed but I assume it cleared out his nose. I think he probably knew where the odor was before I opened the door (there’s a pretty big gap under that door), but Daddy won out first. His alert is really pretty obvious – he either scratches at it if he can actually get to it or backs up 3 steps.

      2nd room – he caught odor on the edge of the bed but was not going exactly to source. He kept smelling the floor (odor dropping??) and the odor was up about a foot off the ground. So he continues to smell around the area and heads back to the edge of the bed and alerts right on source. Indication was the back up 3 steps.

      3rd room – the odor is in the crack of the second door to the bathroom. Bryce catches this odor quickly, going first into the bathroom and working back to source. This indication is the scratching at it. I honestly don’t know why it’s the backup 3 steps and other times it’s the scratching at it. But either way, it’s pretty definitive. I can only hope it’s that definitive in a trial environment.

      I know Bryce is more comfortable searching in our house. Sometime during this class I need to venture out and do an interior elsewhere. But right now I’m happy to get him excited again.

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      Good boy! Nice that he’s showing lots of enthusiasm!

      I noticed in two of these searches that you needed to open the door to the search. Keep in mind that this process MOVES the odor quite a bit so a threshold hide can be easily missed. Give a moment before you let Bryce into the room and allow time for the air to settle a bit and for him to “notice” the hide(s) before entering. In the first search it looked like Bryce was focused on “daddy” ๐Ÿ™‚ and the door was still moving when you asked him to search, so to me he was not ready upon release.

      You did a good job with this on Search 2 but you can still see how much that odor moved and he chased it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      The third search looks like the door is open to begin? And you did a very nice job of standing back and letting Bryce cast himself out and investigate w/o that body pressure.

      One suggestion – since you KNOW where the hides are – is to get in and pay faster to try and prevent the pawing. When the hide is elevated he’s not pawing but so far, we see when it’s at the ground level, that he is pawing. The other thing that can help prevent pawing is to pair. Bottom line is that he needs to EXPECT that you’ll come in to pay so he doesn’t cultivate this pawing. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Any thoughts?

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      I have always found I pay too late – I normally carry a bait bag but sometimes I don’t in practice. I filmed interior, container, and vehicles (most vehicles) on the same day back to back, so you will see me use my pockets. I’ll start trying to use my bait bag, although I’m not sure I’m any faster there. Bryce was not taught with pairing – his instructor didn’t use that technique nor believe in it. I probably should try pairing some, but since he is not being really food motivated, he normally won’t eat a treat that isn’t given by my hand (yes, he’s a little quirky there!)

      This second search in Lesson 2 is his container search. He LOVES his boxes!

      First search – I came through the door – probably hesitated 2 or 3 seconds before letting him go. He went right past the box, did a body snap and boom! Alert! Loved it.

      The last three searches I started from the corner of the patio – so he might have already been in odor. On the second search I paid way too late – he pawed the box several times. He wanted to keep going past the original odor box but I held him at threshold for this exercise.

      The third exercise – he went straight to the odor box – but . . . There was a little piece of the cardboard sticking up where he had pawed it before and he wanted to chew on it first. He finally left the box, rechecked a previous box, and snapped back and went back to the odor box and alerted. This time he didn’t paw the box. Who knows! Ha!

      The last exercise – I let him have more lead and allowed him to check out more boxes. It took him awhile to find the odor box but his alert was again pretty definite when he found it. I let him check out the same boxes a couple of times then moved him on.

      Bryce wants to step on boxes – he always has. I think in his ORTs they had to reset all the boxes each time. He doesn’t necessarily tear them up (except when I’m late to pay!) but he is like a bull in a China shop where boxes are concerned.

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      I think if you pay faster Bryce will lessen the box smashing. You REALLY need to race in and pay, tho’, the MOMENT you see recognition at the correct box. This is hard to do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Bryce really does look happy to search and IS working the first few boxes near the threshold. He’s a little chaotic but I think that’s just his enthusiasm. He seems to like these quick searches! Good job! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Lesson 2 – Vehicle Thresholds

      I worked on holding Bryce a little before letting him go – working on allowing him to get in odor before starting. Most of these were filmed on the first day so I was still feeding out of my pocket (slowly!).

      First hide – I don’t know why he went ‘up’ in the beginning but I do like that he will try and go up. The wind was in our faces so he should have been catching odor.

      Second hide – on this hide I had to convince him that we were searching a different vehicle before he started. Bryce did a 360 turn before going to source. Any idea why he might have done that?

      Third hide – I started this search from a different angle – more from the side of the vehicle. He figured out pretty quickly it was in the trailer hitch but took him a little while before he alerted. I love his happy dance!

      Fourth hide – Bryce went straight to source and actually knocked the tube off of the vehicle nosing it. I guess I could have stepped in earlier but he wasn’t giving any sign of an alert at that point other than maybe staying on source. So I chose to wait to see if he would alert.

      Fifth hide – on this last hide I let him have more lead and leeway to do more searching. I actually liked that he searched all of the front of the vehicle before landing on source. Bryce has very limited vehicle practice and many times doesn’t understand what his job is with vehicles. So to my eyes, these threshold searches has helped him learn a little more about how to search a vehicle.

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      Wow! Five “searches” in 55 seconds! Now that’s motivational! ๐Ÿ™‚

      So the question about rewarding before Bryce gives the “alert” is sort of a $64,000 question. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In brief, MUCH depends on the dog…

      Is the dog lackluster in searching? If the answer is yes, then the dog needs a boost in motivation and often that can be done by paying faster (along with more simple searches).

      Is the dog lagging in communication? If the answer is yes then paying faster will build the dog’s expectation that payment is coming. Source=Fast payment. AFTER that expectation is built the SLIGHT delay in payment usually results in the dog communicating to the handler and asking WHY they are not being paid faster.

      Is the dog offering other behaviors at the odor, like biting the hide or pawing? If the answer is yes, then payment is likely coming too slowly and the dog is showing frustration. By paying faster you can develop the dog’s expectation as per the above explanation.

      SO, as you evaluate what is happening and WHY, it often boils down to your reward process and timing. It’s not 100% but I have seen many good things happen simply by having the reward show up faster. And for those who can’t get there in time, pairing helps in this process. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Thank you, Kim. I certainly am going to work on faster payment. It’s not an easy task! In the second vehicle search, Bryce did a 360 degree turn before going to source – do you have any idea why he might have done that?

      Lesson 2 – Exterior Thresholds

      First I want to mention that Bryce has the hardest time with motivation in exterior searches. You will probably notice this and my attempt to keep these searches short and quick and motivational (I’m noticing a theme here!). Another huge problem Bryce has with exteriors is peeing (both hiking and pee-walking). I want to make sure I set up exteriors that help to prevent this from happening. I use a collar in addition to the harness. We pee before (and after) each search – only on the collar – never on harness (if I can prevent it).

      First search – late paying by me but I do like his alert. I tried to get in as he was beginning to back up.

      Second search – again – very short, easy, on a rock border. An easy pee place for Bryce (and one he has pee’d on before).

      Third search – this one was a little more of a challenge as it was under the step. The area to the left is a common pee place for Bryce – I wanted to make sure he understood he doesn’t pee with the Nosework harness on.

      Fourth search – this hide was a tin just laying on the edge of the sidewalk which he has had difficulty with in past classes. He will sometimes walk right on top of the source and move right on. So I wanted to include a test of this. I was pleased that he found it and seemed to stay on it.

      My videographer will be out of town the next few days so I wanted to make sure I stayed caught up on these threshold searches so as not to get behind. All in all, although I made these quick and motivational, what impressions are you getting from Bryce’s searches? I feel he knows odor – he just needs better searching skills.

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      Regarding the 360-degree turn in the vehicle search, it’s hard to know. It could have been because you were too close to him, it could have been he was chasing odor or maybe even that he’s a dog who likes to spin/turn left? Hard to know!

      I see a common pattern in these Exterior searches:
      * You release Bryce
      * You follow Bryce
      * You wait for communication from Bryce

      Bryce seems ready to work when you release him, even in the distracting environments so that’s great! I suggest, however, that you do not follow so closely behind him. Pay your line out and remain closer to the threshold. This gives a bit more independence and in a blind search it allows Bryce the ability to turn around to find a hide (hypothetically) closer to the line rather than you blocking it. If you don’t practice this with known hides you won’t do it in a search where you are anxious because it’s a test/trial.

      I also suggest you not wait for the communication from Bryce, particularly in these distracting environments at this stage. He *is* doing well but I think as a FOUNDATION step, it’s important for this young dog to be paid quickly and without question when you know where the hide is. By not paying quickly you are giving him the opportunity to grab hides and/or paw at hides, both of which are bad habits brought about by late payment. He only did this on the last hide but this can be a problem that is exacerbated in blind searches since the handler is hesitant to call the alert.

      The good news is that you’re not cuing him with an “alert” call, he’s looking like he knows odor is important and it pays and that YOU will be delivering it. I think his searching skills are not a problem but we’re not really putting them to the test in these searches. These were nice, short, motivational searches for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Lesson 3a – Exteriors with Corners and Edges

      My goal this time was to pay faster. So after the first search I actually carried the treats in my hand. I kept the source almost at nose level for Bryce. These 4 videos were again pretty short. He did better than I expected as I have worked long walls once before a few months ago and he just didn’t seem interested then. Today was different!

      First search – outside corner near a long wall. Boy – he took off! His indication on this one was slight but I wanted to pay FASTer so I did at the slightest head raise. The electrical plug might have helped him locate source, but I was at least pleased that after he smelled that he went on to the actual source.

      Second search – inside corner near a long wall. I’m so happy with this one! He immediately started what I feel was a true search – and on my right side! The odor was in a clear tube on this one so I know he wasn’t just looking for a tin, also. Boy howdy – he went straight to source! Good boy!

      Third search – outside edge along the wall near inside corner – this one was interesting to me. He actually went past source and did a 360 and went right back to it. And I think I know why. This was a true alcove and the wind was swirling so I think he was catching odor in the whole alcove and following it. Your thoughts?

      Fourth search – outside edge along the wall near outside corner – this last search I started him in a different alcove and he actually needed to make a short turn to follow the wall. Again I was proud that he went pretty much directly to source and didn’t go past it.

      From 3 weeks ago when I finally gave up and quit my local class that I came home from frustrated each week to tonight is just an amazing difference. I think he has made some pretty good strides in learning to search and that the odor pays. And he is having fun again in these short successful searches.

      I ran my Elite dog on these searches afterwards for fun. It was so cool to watch her excitement on these easy finds.

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      Yeah! He’s happy and successful in all of these searches! Great progress if he was having difficulty just a few weeks ago. Working on the basics can truly help to rebuild that confidence in both, the handler AND the dog! I also think the FAST payment is helping him to feel confident. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for the swirling in the corner, it surely could be what is happening, good catch. Based on what Bryce is saying I’m thinking yes. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Lesson 3b – Interior Corners and Edges

      Well I may created a monster. Bryce gets so over stimulated now when I get out his harness that now he is kind of out of control at the start line – panting heavily. Somewhere I need to find the happy medium. I did a little work afterwards waiting until he closed his mouth to start and he actually did better. So I really need to keep working the start line to figure out what works best.

      First hide – inside corner near a long wall – Bryce has to check out ‘things’ – electrical outlets, window sills – but he gets back on track and searches to the corner.

      Second hide – outside corner near a long wall – this was a hallway so the odor might have been bouncing off the opposite wall (although I’m not sure Bryce is advanced enough for that to have mattered – he might have just been checking out all of the surfaces). Once again he checks out the electrical outlet. Hmmm.

      Third hide – outside edge along the wall near inside corner – this happens to be in a room where we do searches so he is used again to searching ‘things’ (like the bed, chest, door, etc.). So he doesn’t actually follow the wall/edge but heads to the odor opposite the bed. Could the odor have been swirling in that corner possibly?

      Fourth hide – outside edge along the wall near outside corner – I see the same trend in this search as the last search – he searches ‘things’ and heads to odor after he checks out a column (out of video range) opposite the hide. So again he doesn’t follow the wall all the way to source.

      So, do you think he is catching bouncing odor or is he just not really searching walls/edges? My eye is just not experienced enough to really tell.

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      I think it’s natural for a dog to check the obstacles in the area. Wall outlets are places odor could collect or bounce off of so it’s hard to say whether Bryce is getting information from the objects or not. I would tend to err on Bryce’s behalf. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also think he was catching odor on both sides of the hallway. You might try doing a search like this paired with food to see if he really was working he way he chose in this session. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Before I get started on my next lesson, I wanted to ask you if I’m keeping my searches too short, too easy, not enough challenge, or ??? I seem to have them all under a minute with up to 5 searches. Just wondering if I’m doing the lessons correctly.

      Bryce – Lesson 3c – Containers Corners and Edges – just let me say, BRYCE LOVES HIS BOXES!!! It was quite warm – 89 degrees during this search. I’m now trying to hold him a little at the start line – giving him an opportunity to maybe calm a little and hopefully catch odor.

      Search 1 – Corner – Hide is in the right threshold corner. Bryce starts left (so different from my other dog who almost always starts right!). But then he heads across the front boxes to the right corner hide.

      Search 2 – Corner – Hide is in the far right corner. This time Bryce starts in the middle. He doesn’t seem to have a start line pattern of boxes (as you will especially see in the last edge hide!). Then he heads left. I almost thought he was going to alert on the box next to source, but I kept moving so I think that’s why he kept moving. He then went to the corner hide.

      Search 3 – Corner – Hide is in the left threshold corner. Once again he headed to the middle threshold box and really checked it out. Maybe there was a breeze taking the odor that way?? But then he headed left to the corner source.

      Search 4 – Edge – Hide is in the third left edge box. He seemed to alert on the corner box (sorry but the odor had been in that location earlier – so maybe lingering odor or memory). What I’m learning with Bryce and boxes is if I keep moving and he moves on then that’s not odor. He’s pretty confident with boxes! When he finds odor, he sticks it.

      Search 5 – Edge – This one made me laugh! Hide is in the second right edge box. He ignored everything and headed right to it. I made sure he didn’t see where the source was – my husband placed it while we were out of sight. I think the holding him at the start line allowed him to catch the odor. At least I hope so! (Smiley face)

      Boxes are fun for him so they are fun for me, too!

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      I think Bryce is doing a super job! If keeping things short has resulted in Bryce having more enthusiasm for the task then we’re on the right path. Your original concern about making it fun again is hopefully no longer a concern. More challenges will come but let’s start from a good place. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Your observations about Bryce hitting pooling odor and to keep walking is good. Hard to do when we know where odor is, but it seems to help clarify for you to see his commitment. Yes, having a non-odor box on the place where odor had been can be problematic. Bryce shows us exactly why that can be! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Happy to see you both having a good time!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Thanks for your comments. I’m pleased with Bryce’s progress and his enthusiasm.

      Lesson 3D – Vehicles Corners and Edges – I went ahead and did all 4 corners since they were short and he was doing so well! Then I did the 2 Edges. Bryce has really had trouble with vehicles in the past – like he just didn’t understand that he was supposed to search a car. Today a light bulb went on. All searches were started from the alley at the back of the SUV. I’m holding him a moment at the start line again to help him get into odor. Any wind seemed to be going left to right, though, so not towards or away from the odor necessarily.

      First Corner – left back. Bryce must have been in odor early on as he went straight to source. This hide had been aged about 30 minutes – 86 degrees outside. All the rest were not aged. Bryce loves bread more than any other treat so he got bread for reward tonight – strange dog!

      Second Corner – right front. Bryce immediately headed right and straight to source again. I used tubes tonight to prevent him from ‘looking’ for a tin (which I’ve been told he does). I’m pleased with how he seems to actually be looking for odor instead of a tin!

      Third Corner – left front. Same scenario except on opposite side. He took a fraction of a second to smell the wheel well/tire then moved right to the corner source.

      Fourth Corner – right back. Neighbor dog barking didn’t bother Bryce – good distraction practice. No trouble finding this one either.

      First Edge – right side. Bryce headed to the middle of the back bumper first and then came around to the side of the car. He smelled the back bumper where a previous hide had been, then the back wheel well. Then he moved to the front wheel well, then back to the back wheel well until he finally got to source. The odor might have been traveling I’m guessing or he was just trying to pinpoint source. I like that, though, that he really tries to get directly to source.

      Second Edge – left side. Bryce again checked out the middle of the back bumper before moving on. Again a little back and forth between the wheel wells before landing on source in the crevice between the doors.

      I was also happy that there was no pawing of the vehicle. Either I’m getting quicker at rewarding, the reward was greater, or something!

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      Spectacular!! So awesome to see Bryce FOCUSED and really using his nose! Good thinking on the tubes. Bryce did a brilliant job sorting the odors on the sides. That area can be tough for dogs to figure out. They often need to work between the wheels and narrow it down and he did that beautifully. AND, I think with the fact that you’re paying quickly Bryce is expecting it and not pawing. YIPPIE! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Lesson 4 – The Source of your Problem – Offlead, aged 30 minutes

      Oh this was too much fun! 6 hides in 1:14!! I haven’t done a lot of work lately with multiple hides so you will notice that I direct him away from the source once I’ve paid him. I think he loves offlead.

      I held Bryce at the start line hoping he would catch the threshold but no luck there. Bryce made a beeline straight to the hide on the small table – alert at :06. The hide was a clear tube behind the leg. At :14 he alerts on the second hide – a tin at the bottom corner of the dresser. He then finally heads back to the threshold and alerts at :21. This was also a tin. He then heads directly to hide #4 – a tube that matches the wall color just above the electrical outlet – and alerts at about :30.

      The last two hides are harder to source I think – closer to the Windows. He has to search a little bit before alerting on hide #5 on the window sill (a clear tube) at :44. Then he runs into a little trouble and goes back to a previous hide. I have to direct him away from it but he does move on. The last hide is a little elevated and under a lip of the nightstand (also a clear tube). He isolates it to that corner – then to the nightstand. After checking out the bed one more time he alerts at 1:12.

      I’m very happy with this search. I do need to admit, though, that we have searched previously in this bedroom many times. It will be interesting later to see how he does when we ‘take it on the road’. But WOW – he just went gangbusters on these searches. I’m not sure his Elite sister could have done better.

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      Wow! That was impressive! Really nice job!

      The other thing that is nice is that he is willing to leave a hide to find another. Yes, you prompted him but hopefully you can fade that fairly quickly. He worked out those problems really well. AND, the deeper and slightly elevated hide (still at nose level) were solved in good time, they just seem “slower” in comparison! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Just one small comment; When you released him to search, he was very ready. He was calm and appeared focused. However, you were holding him by the ear (not a big deal) so his head was up. I wonder if you’d not been touching him if he’d have noticed the threshold hide right next to where he was?? Something to think about !

      Good job!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      I was hoping to help him stay at the start line to catch the threshold hide but maybe that backfired some. Both of my Springers tend to bound bound into a room – therefore blowing past thresholds. I have Ron this next weekend with my Girl – I’ll be working thresholds this week!

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      How did the session with Ron go??

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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      Donna Ewing

      Hmmm – I haven’t seen Ron since the summer. So I don’t know if that’s the one you are talking about – for Elite dogs. If so, man did he ever work us. It was miserably hot in the exteriors (a car junk yard) and inside (old shut up abandoned building). Definitely gave the dogs (and humans) a workout. Did a lot of high hides which were really interesting. Hides with no air movement. Totally inaccessible hides. You name it. Ron always gives you your money’s worth – that’s for sure!

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      Donna Ewing

      Bryce – Lesson 5a – The Barrier

      The setup for this lesson is the dogroom – a long narrow room with a couple of crates, a treadmill, and a table. It was previously a porch – windows on both sides. I moved the crates and opened the crate doors to create the barrier – he had to zig zag a little to get through. Lots of dog smells in this room! I did this lesson offlead due to space considerations.

      Bryce spends a lot of time searching the area in front of the barrier – basically checking everything out. His stopping and hesitating at :33 was because a car going down the alley made a loud noise and he stopped a few seconds to listen. But he started searching again pretty quickly. Finally at :41 he started going around the barrier and started searching the other part of the room. At 1:00 he catches lingering odor from a hide placed there earlier in the day (I think!). He catches odor at 1:04 I believe with a slight head snap. I decide to pay at 1:08 when he sticks to Source.

      My takeaway from this search is that he is actually searching! I can hear the sniffing, he is seeking out odor checking ‘things’ out. I’m happy with this. I filmed Lesson 5c tonight, too, and I can’t wait to show you!! My little Rockstar!

    • #8408

      First off, I’m so sorry I missed this!! I don’t know how, but I did. My apologies!

      SO… Wow, what a cool search!! Awesome idea with the crates and the crate door. Really like your creativity. ๐Ÿ™‚ And yes, you can surely hear Bryce snuffling up a storm as he tries to locate that hide. Very impressed that he figured out to go thru the almost invisible space to get to the back half of the room.

      Very nice work! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

    • #8409

      Please post your next video – I’ll keep a lookout for it!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

    • #8410

      Please post your next video – I’ll keep a lookout for it!

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

    • #8438
      Donna Ewing

      Bryce – Lesson 5 – Can’t Reach That Hide

      I was really proud of Bryce on this one. I put the tube between the two legs of the table – I figured it would really be inaccessible to him (little did I know!). I left the chairs pushed up underneath the table – causing a barrier to the source.

      Bryce moves around the table and goes to sniff out a corner of the room first. Then he heads to the far end of the table at .06. He found odor but can’t get to it. You can see him backup a step and raise his head trying to figure out how to get to it at .11. Then he decides to check out the other end of the table to see if he can get to it that way. And then at .15 he crawls between the legs of the table to actually get to source! Success! What a good boy! Heck, I have to even move a chair to be able to pay him! Wow!

      I wanted to also mention Darcie competed in her first Elite trial yesterday in Skiatook, OK. She found 13 of the 21 hides, earned 61.9 points, and received No No’s or timeouts (well, she did timeout on a one minute one hide search but that one didn’t count against us since they didn’t want a negative search). I was very happy with our team.

    • #8445

      WHOOPIE!! That’s fantastic! (And you were worried about his determination!) So happy to see Bryce pushing thru to get to that odor!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      Kimberly Buchanan
      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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