Donna Ewing

    Lesson 4 – The Source of your Problem – Offlead, aged 30 minutes

    Oh this was too much fun! 6 hides in 1:14!! I haven’t done a lot of work lately with multiple hides so you will notice that I direct him away from the source once I’ve paid him. I think he loves offlead.

    I held Bryce at the start line hoping he would catch the threshold but no luck there. Bryce made a beeline straight to the hide on the small table – alert at :06. The hide was a clear tube behind the leg. At :14 he alerts on the second hide – a tin at the bottom corner of the dresser. He then finally heads back to the threshold and alerts at :21. This was also a tin. He then heads directly to hide #4 – a tube that matches the wall color just above the electrical outlet – and alerts at about :30.

    The last two hides are harder to source I think – closer to the Windows. He has to search a little bit before alerting on hide #5 on the window sill (a clear tube) at :44. Then he runs into a little trouble and goes back to a previous hide. I have to direct him away from it but he does move on. The last hide is a little elevated and under a lip of the nightstand (also a clear tube). He isolates it to that corner – then to the nightstand. After checking out the bed one more time he alerts at 1:12.

    I’m very happy with this search. I do need to admit, though, that we have searched previously in this bedroom many times. It will be interesting later to see how he does when we ‘take it on the road’. But WOW – he just went gangbusters on these searches. I’m not sure his Elite sister could have done better.