Linda Bath

Finally found someone to video. My non Nosework friends aren’t as enthusiastic in participation.
Hot with no breeze that I could detect. Three searches. First one is directly in the middle of the grill. First one cooked for 30 minutes. Second hide is to the left in the wheelwell. Third is in the crack of the drivers door. Both of these only cooked a few minutes.
First search. Molly appears to go directly to the source, then moves to the left. I ask her to go back and she catches the odor on the right side of the grill. Follows it to source. How quickly I forget and am not prepared to reward!! Second search Molly heads right and I have her come back to the left. She catches odor and alerts, but should have I followed her instead? Yes!!! Third hide Molly wants to head out into the yard. I again direct her back to the car. She puts her nose to the car and alerts on door.
good dog Molly.