Donna Ewing

Thanks for your comments. I’m pleased with Bryce’s progress and his enthusiasm.

Lesson 3D – Vehicles Corners and Edges – I went ahead and did all 4 corners since they were short and he was doing so well! Then I did the 2 Edges. Bryce has really had trouble with vehicles in the past – like he just didn’t understand that he was supposed to search a car. Today a light bulb went on. All searches were started from the alley at the back of the SUV. I’m holding him a moment at the start line again to help him get into odor. Any wind seemed to be going left to right, though, so not towards or away from the odor necessarily.

First Corner – left back. Bryce must have been in odor early on as he went straight to source. This hide had been aged about 30 minutes – 86 degrees outside. All the rest were not aged. Bryce loves bread more than any other treat so he got bread for reward tonight – strange dog!

Second Corner – right front. Bryce immediately headed right and straight to source again. I used tubes tonight to prevent him from ‘looking’ for a tin (which I’ve been told he does). I’m pleased with how he seems to actually be looking for odor instead of a tin!

Third Corner – left front. Same scenario except on opposite side. He took a fraction of a second to smell the wheel well/tire then moved right to the corner source.

Fourth Corner – right back. Neighbor dog barking didn’t bother Bryce – good distraction practice. No trouble finding this one either.

First Edge – right side. Bryce headed to the middle of the back bumper first and then came around to the side of the car. He smelled the back bumper where a previous hide had been, then the back wheel well. Then he moved to the front wheel well, then back to the back wheel well until he finally got to source. The odor might have been traveling I’m guessing or he was just trying to pinpoint source. I like that, though, that he really tries to get directly to source.

Second Edge – left side. Bryce again checked out the middle of the back bumper before moving on. Again a little back and forth between the wheel wells before landing on source in the crevice between the doors.

I was also happy that there was no pawing of the vehicle. Either I’m getting quicker at rewarding, the reward was greater, or something!