Linda Bath

I love how excited she is. So much better than last year!
This time we did the containers.
One hide in a freezer bag we moved from place to place.
Total of 8 bags. The temperature 88 degrees, 66% humidity. Cooked 15 minutes.
I held her at the line.
First hide is on the right front. Molly wants to rush in. I hold her. She goes left then back to the right and alerts on odor. Second search is on the left. Molly goes right-then left to odor. Third one is straight up one row in the middle. Molly starts right and then catches odor/ alert. Fourth search I removed the freezer bag and put the odor in the box to the right. It had a hole in it. Molly catches odor from the outside and alerts.
Molly was a bit hot today, but still did work.