Cheryl Winblad

Pleasant day 70’s with little or no breeze. Today we did a search with 2 vehicles 3 hides, birch and anise. The 1st hide in upper wheel well on silver truck , we started by walking directly to the 1st hide. He never noticed it. Went to 2nd hide Joey had to look out between the cars and take notice if there was anything going on in the environment. The hide was underneath the red cars lic. plate he seemed to want to alert without really sourcing it. I ask Joey find it and he alerted above lic. plate I decided to reward but use food to pull him down more to the source. 3rd hide rear tire of the red car he nailed that one, if only all searches went that well. Headed back to 1st hide, he seemed to really have to work on this one. The odor must have been pooling in the wheel well. I even had to do a double check to make sure it was where I thought it was. He persisted and found the hide.