Linda Bath

    Holding Molly at the door and not exciting her worked!
    Basically the same scenarios as before. Hot (92) humidity at 90 percent. Hides were cooked for 15 minutes.
    First hide is to the right in the garbage can. I did not wait until Molly looked at the hide. She was looking at my sister to the left. So Molly headed left, but caught odor and turned. Alert.
    Second hide is to the left under the seashell. When I watched the video it is almost a straight forward hide, rather than to the left. I hold Molly and she goes straight to it.
    Third hide is in the middle of the bed, sitting on a box on the floor. This one is a little harder for her. Probably due to the open window and the fan. Molly wants to rush into the room, but I hold her within the area of the search. It appears the odor is drifting up as she checks the dresser, then the side tables. Follows it to source.
    Good dog.