Linda Bath

Hi Kim we are back and far behind in lessons. Will try hard to catch up.
I Decided to start with threshold hides. The heat and humidity is very high, even inside. The overhead fans are moving in all but the last room. In both bedrooms the patio door is also open with a gentle breeze. The first search is to the left of the door about three feet in. It is located on the edge of the bed. Molly is on odor as she enters the room. Goes past source to the patio door. Then follows it back to source. The next search is also a bedroom. This hide had cooked for on hour. Molly rushes in to the far end of the room. She checks corners, beds, dressers, and follows it back to source. (Watching the video I remembered that I could have held her at the door a little longer in hopes she had odor at the start).
Third search is in a bathroom. The hide is under the sink inbetween the louvered doors. This one was pretty easy for her. There was not any moving air (no fans or breezes) and the room was very small. Molly checked the shower just in case, then alerted on source.
Your thoughts?