Donna Ewing

Lesson 3a – Exteriors with Corners and Edges

My goal this time was to pay faster. So after the first search I actually carried the treats in my hand. I kept the source almost at nose level for Bryce. These 4 videos were again pretty short. He did better than I expected as I have worked long walls once before a few months ago and he just didn’t seem interested then. Today was different!

First search – outside corner near a long wall. Boy – he took off! His indication on this one was slight but I wanted to pay FASTer so I did at the slightest head raise. The electrical plug might have helped him locate source, but I was at least pleased that after he smelled that he went on to the actual source.

Second search – inside corner near a long wall. I’m so happy with this one! He immediately started what I feel was a true search – and on my right side! The odor was in a clear tube on this one so I know he wasn’t just looking for a tin, also. Boy howdy – he went straight to source! Good boy!

Third search – outside edge along the wall near inside corner – this one was interesting to me. He actually went past source and did a 360 and went right back to it. And I think I know why. This was a true alcove and the wind was swirling so I think he was catching odor in the whole alcove and following it. Your thoughts?

Fourth search – outside edge along the wall near outside corner – this last search I started him in a different alcove and he actually needed to make a short turn to follow the wall. Again I was proud that he went pretty much directly to source and didn’t go past it.

From 3 weeks ago when I finally gave up and quit my local class that I came home from frustrated each week to tonight is just an amazing difference. I think he has made some pretty good strides in learning to search and that the odor pays. And he is having fun again in these short successful searches.

I ran my Elite dog on these searches afterwards for fun. It was so cool to watch her excitement on these easy finds.