Kimberly Buchanan

What I was getting at when I talk about “Corners” and “Edges” are all those structural places of a search area where odor can drift over to, move around OR collect.

So, for an example, in a room there are often LOTS of CORNERS. I include all the niches and inset places where odor can trap AND all the outside corners where the odor stream is broken. For EDGES I generally think of the perimeter of your search area that lead in/to a corner (or niche). This would be similar for an Exterior search.

In a large open space with a search in the middle (or for Containers/Vehicles) you don’t have the same defined perimeter or edges so you can sort of consider the outside of all the objects to be your edges and the ones in the corners to be, well, your corners. 😉

Bottom line is those are productive areas that should not be missed.


Kimberly Buchanan
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