Donna Ewing

I have always found I pay too late – I normally carry a bait bag but sometimes I don’t in practice. I filmed interior, container, and vehicles (most vehicles) on the same day back to back, so you will see me use my pockets. I’ll start trying to use my bait bag, although I’m not sure I’m any faster there. Bryce was not taught with pairing – his instructor didn’t use that technique nor believe in it. I probably should try pairing some, but since he is not being really food motivated, he normally won’t eat a treat that isn’t given by my hand (yes, he’s a little quirky there!)

This second search in Lesson 2 is his container search. He LOVES his boxes!

First search – I came through the door – probably hesitated 2 or 3 seconds before letting him go. He went right past the box, did a body snap and boom! Alert! Loved it.

The last three searches I started from the corner of the patio – so he might have already been in odor. On the second search I paid way too late – he pawed the box several times. He wanted to keep going past the original odor box but I held him at threshold for this exercise.

The third exercise – he went straight to the odor box – but . . . There was a little piece of the cardboard sticking up where he had pawed it before and he wanted to chew on it first. He finally left the box, rechecked a previous box, and snapped back and went back to the odor box and alerted. This time he didn’t paw the box. Who knows! Ha!

The last exercise – I let him have more lead and allowed him to check out more boxes. It took him awhile to find the odor box but his alert was again pretty definite when he found it. I let him check out the same boxes a couple of times then moved him on.

Bryce wants to step on boxes – he always has. I think in his ORTs they had to reset all the boxes each time. He doesn’t necessarily tear them up (except when I’m late to pay!) but he is like a bull in a China shop where boxes are concerned.