Kimberly Buchanan

Good boy! Nice that he’s showing lots of enthusiasm!

I noticed in two of these searches that you needed to open the door to the search. Keep in mind that this process MOVES the odor quite a bit so a threshold hide can be easily missed. Give a moment before you let Bryce into the room and allow time for the air to settle a bit and for him to “notice” the hide(s) before entering. In the first search it looked like Bryce was focused on “daddy” 🙂 and the door was still moving when you asked him to search, so to me he was not ready upon release.

You did a good job with this on Search 2 but you can still see how much that odor moved and he chased it. 🙂

The third search looks like the door is open to begin? And you did a very nice job of standing back and letting Bryce cast himself out and investigate w/o that body pressure.

One suggestion – since you KNOW where the hides are – is to get in and pay faster to try and prevent the pawing. When the hide is elevated he’s not pawing but so far, we see when it’s at the ground level, that he is pawing. The other thing that can help prevent pawing is to pair. Bottom line is that he needs to EXPECT that you’ll come in to pay so he doesn’t cultivate this pawing. 🙂

Any thoughts?

Kimberly Buchanan
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