Donna Ewing

    Kim – thank you for your comments on Lesson 1. Here is the first element of Lesson 2 – Interior thresholds. Since Bryce is a true beginner, I kept these threshold hides very simple. I also used it as training – holding him some at threshold for him to get into and stay in odor searching around the start line. I have to say that I’m thrilled with his excitement at the start line – in the class I was in he had just looked like he had lost interest – maybe it was the wait or the distraction of other dogs hanging around. I don’t know – but this is definitely an improvement. These hides were aged about an hour.

    1st room – Daddy is the videographer so Bryce always wants to check him out first. I don’t know why he sneezed but I assume it cleared out his nose. I think he probably knew where the odor was before I opened the door (there’s a pretty big gap under that door), but Daddy won out first. His alert is really pretty obvious – he either scratches at it if he can actually get to it or backs up 3 steps.

    2nd room – he caught odor on the edge of the bed but was not going exactly to source. He kept smelling the floor (odor dropping??) and the odor was up about a foot off the ground. So he continues to smell around the area and heads back to the edge of the bed and alerts right on source. Indication was the back up 3 steps.

    3rd room – the odor is in the crack of the second door to the bathroom. Bryce catches this odor quickly, going first into the bathroom and working back to source. This indication is the scratching at it. I honestly don’t know why it’s the backup 3 steps and other times it’s the scratching at it. But either way, it’s pretty definitive. I can only hope it’s that definitive in a trial environment.

    I know Bryce is more comfortable searching in our house. Sometime during this class I need to venture out and do an interior elsewhere. But right now I’m happy to get him excited again.