Susanne Howarth

I have two sets of jars: (1) three small baby food jars, in which I make up fresh Qtips as needed (or refresh older ones); and (2) a separate set of four slightly larger jars, in which I store tins, straws, etc. with Qtips inside. There are 4 of these larger jars because in addition to the three basic odors, one of the jars is a “combo” jar. The purpose of my combo jar is ease of working multiple odors: if I’m in a hurry, I can grab that one jar and know that we’ll be working a mixture. OR, if I want to give more information to my girls, I can use different individual odors for different hides, especially if we’re doing converging odors.

I was intrigued yesterday to notice that my three larger specific odor jars seemed to have almost no odor when I stuck my nose into them. The jars are air tight (or so I thought!), and I didn’t think those hides were all that old. However, I figured that if I can’t smell anything when sticking my nose in the jar, then it’s probably time to update those Qtips (even though my girls have been practicing with those hides and haven’t had any difficulty finding them).