I recommend all pre-made hides be stored in AIRTIGHT containers, just like cotton swabs. I have multiple airtight containers (of course) and many options of storing my MANY hides. I do notice after a time that the odors mingle and it’s hard to distinguish them from each other. With most of my classes that doesn’t really matter but I do have several newer students so I make sure I have fresh BIRCH only hides or hides that I can clearly tell it’s BIRCH. After awhile I unload and reload as necessary. I keep a large canning jar for my “TRASH” and sometimes use that since it’s considered a COMBO odor now.

One point to make: Dogs will never need to distinguish one odor from the other! But I don’t always want to have that “blend” since they will likely get odor that is A, B or C and not a combo. They might but it’s still important to work the single odors. Nationals are usually just a bunch of combo odors.

Gina – I’ll post info separately about making odor. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training