Kimberly Buchanan

So the protocols are put in place so that NEW HANDLERS are aware that they must be diligent in protecting their environment from contamination and are AWARE that their actions could have negative impact if they are not. (You’ll see me post the word or phrase of being AWARE a lot.)

These are best practices. Do I do this every time? NOPE. Not even for classes. I sometimes touch cotton swabs but I do try to not touch anything else until I’ve washed my hands well. I do store loaded tins in a separate airtight container so I’m not constantly loading/unloading. I do occasionally place pre-loaded hides (tins/tubing/straws) and then touch other things. I don’t worry so much about it in practices or training but I’m AWARE I’ve done so, so if a dog shows interest it’s understandable and nobody freaks out that their dog is showing interest somewhere that odor is not.

Dogs also notice LINGERING odor. So it’s important to know these things. It’s workable with all the other elements but with Containers don’t place a clean box on top of where odor just sat on the floor/ground or the dog MIGHT think that is the hot box. That’s just too confusing for the dog.

As long as you are AWARE of all these things you do what works for you. New handlers have NO IDEA about all of this so that personal document I created for my students is to help them understand. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
Joyride K9 Dog Training