Kimberly Buchanan

Yes, his obedience to odor is good! You might experiment a LITTLE bit by showing some interest in his interest when it’s a distractor, just to PROOF him against falses when you turn your attention to him. Reward heavily when he makes a choice of odor vs. distractor. ALSO, place the distractor closer to the odor for a harder challenge.

I was pretty sure you had a plan for your search which is great. Just keep the scenario changing so you don’t get into a situation of always having them the same; Different configurations, different containers, closer vs further apart, sometimes lots of distractors, sometimes lots of odor, etc. Add to the challenges and do lots of proofing, doing your best to not let Hunter cue off you for odor or not odor then back away and give him something very simple so he’s not always working difficult problems. 🙂

So far you do a great job but since Containers especially are tricky for you, it’s something I would practice a lot and make it more challenging in the variety and proofing portion. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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