Kathryn Dobyns

Okay, here is lesson 1 for Team Hunter. I included two runs with similar (but different) set-up and challenges. (Edit – having technical difficulty this morning. Videos did not link on YouTube as planned, so I think I have both searches posted now…)

Run 1 – challenges: 1.) container search with boxes and soft bags
2.) hide placement is on the bottom (centered) of the tall blue bag, so Hunter needs to get his nose down to get to source (I saw this kind of placement in an NW3 I volunteered at, and most of the dogs passed the hide at least once before noticing it at all)
3.) small fan is blowing against the hide to push odor onto the box to the right (trying to mimic the effect of opening/closing the door multiple times during a trial day)

Run 2 – added to the challenges above: 1.) second hide (in a box!)
2.) longer set-up time (2 hours, fan blowing on low for 15 minutes)
3.) food distractor – banana peel in the black bag to the right of the tall blue one with the hide (just cause I had one handy and I don’t train distractors much)