Terry Wright and Kai

Oh man… what was I thinking?!?! I have no idea why I did that at the start of the search. Might have been since he kept looking at me I was thinking if I don’t make eye contact he will get on with business… Lesson learned! Linda, talk about embarrassing 😉

I’m thinking I kept him longer at that first hide because I stayed in the area, I should have moved into the room more after he found it and I swished him. Also, I Should have only let him go back once more and not the third time by removing the hide.

Yes I could see him working the second odor at 2:00. And I agree I should have paid him at 2:07 when he stands and looks towards the odor! I was actually really proud of his work on this hide.

Can hardly wait until the next Movie Week! Hopefully I won’t loose my mind and flake out on my poor little guy.
Thanks Kim for all your time, patience and knowledge!
Terry and Taku

Terry Wright