Kimberly Buchanan

Ha! Ok, let’s break this down!

When you walk into the room, what does it look like? It seems in Taku’s mind he’s asking, “What are you hiding behind your back? Then, “Why won’t you look at me?? You’re acting strange!” (I’ve never seen you do this in a search before.)


So YOUR behavior is not supportive of Taku to search. Taku quickly catches scent (:10) but he’s still questioning what you’re doing. Once you give him the search cue (swish) he goes to work and finds the first hide. He is paid and you try to move him on. He begins to check into the room a bit but comes back to the same hide and demands to be paid. You pay him. You swish, he stays, you pay. So what does this say to Taku? “Oh, this is the game where you try to get me to move on but if I stay at the hide I’m a good boy and you will pay me again!” (Right?)

So you opt to pick up the hide and then Taku moves on only after realizing it’s no longer there and he won’t be paid again. But you two spend over half a minute with this dance.

YES, absolutely, I would have suggested you move further into the room. Use that body pressure to push/pull him deeper into the space. Once you do he finds the second hide. You can see him working it at around 2 minutes. I would have paid him around (2:07) for his attempt at getting closer to source. For a more novice dog I’d probably have paid earlier but I would not have delayed payment longer than that. For a little dog to say “Hey, the hide’s up there” when it really is, it’s worthy of payment. 🙂

I think your review of the search and some “other choices” are good and that’s progress. 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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