Kimberly Buchanan

So nice to see Taku out working! 🙂

He had a huge search area and does a great job of sorting. I really think he catches multiple odors at the (1:25-ish) mark and has to think for a bit. Sure he went back to the first hide but I think he was working more that just that one.

Love the head snap at (2:25) when he realizes he’s passed a hide and goes back to it. Rather than trying to move his nose off of that hide (2:43), just step away and let him come with you. Interestingly he realized this just about where the 3rd hide was. This tells me that there is an air current blowing odor from right to left along that bank. SO, when Taku passed the 3rd hide he was probably working that odor when you stopped him from continuing further (2:53). Better to let him think about it a bit, let him go past and choose on his own to work back to it.

So here’s the thing: Old Man Taku found 3 hides in just over 3 minutes! What a good boy! I hope my dogs are still looking this good at 15! 🙂

Kimberly Buchanan
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