Gina Baker

NW501: Lesson 8

7:00 – 7:20
68 degrees
No wind
1 hide – birch
Area was gated off
Off leash
Very little distractions
Is a familiar place

We did three searches in the same area – they seemed easy and quick for her and she seemed to be having a good time. Did I search at a time with about 10 mins. in between. I placed the hide around the same area – ? if that was good or bad – I thought she did well.

First search – On garage door in the middle low -she went to the perimeter and followed to the hide. Thought that was interesting – I don’t think we have every done a search that there wasn’t an object in the middle or around, which she what she would usually work off. I actually jumped the gun just a little, thought she had it at 0:12 and stated to go in and reward – she did go by it for a second and then had it.

Second search – on the garage car right hand corner low -she went to where it was the first time but again went to the perimeter – unfortunately I am off camera and at 0:55 she was in front of where I was standing but she did not stay and barley looked up and I did not have to re-cue – she kept going!

Third search – on the ground in front of the middle of the door – thought I would push just a little – almost an in-the-crack search – she did well – and a great body turn! This time she went right to the area of the previous hides and then went off the garage door – her nose definitely went high and I think she actually hit it with her back paw at 1:30 – It was a fun search