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      Gina Baker

        Hi….Gina and Kalli here. Kalli is a 10 yr old Aussie mix and we have been doing Nose Work for about 5 years. We are working on our NW2. Kalli is on the reactive side but has come a long ways! She still is very sensitive to movement especially my movements. Any little leash movement came pull her off – I feel that we have made much improvement with the leash as to a good distance and the way I handle the leash (slight problem dropping the leash at reward but…over all good)
        But now I am seeing that we need to work on “off” leash – having a good distance and me moving with her. In the past I have stayed in one spot and in turn she is not moving on when there are multi hides – keeps going back to the same hide. When I do move to help support her more, than she is distracted. I am not sure if the hides are too hard for her or what….
        I would like to see us work better as a team off leash and multi hides. Also maybe some distractor
        The only element that may be changeling is finding “new” interior places.
        Can’t wait for our assignment!

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        Kimberly Buchanan

          Welcome, Gina & Kalli! Glad to have you back! I’ll post your first lesson later today. 🙂

          Kimberly Buchanan
          Joyride K9 Dog Training

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          Kimberly Buchanan

            Ok, there are a couple of things I’d like to explore; The first is Kalli’s willingness to go to odor w/o you. The second is moving her on from one to the next.

            A NEW Interior environment isn’t necessary but you’ll need a large enough space to have several hides in a single area. The configuration of the hides isn’t so important as spacing and having them sourceable so you can pair them. Let’s say you’ll place 5-6 hides that are about 5-6 feet from each other with a starting point about that distance from the first hide.

            If this is inside you can do this off-leash. If you need to do this outside, keep Kalli on-leash but with enough leash that you can smoothly pay out the line without tension.

            Begin your search by cuing Kalli to search. YOU stay at the start line. Pay out the line if you have it but WAIT until Kalli lands on a hide and can self-reward before you move into her. Pat and praise her and ask her to find more. Stand in front of the hide if you need to. If she’s insistent, pick up the hide but try not to do that. You will STAY there until Kalli gets to another hide and repeat.

            Basically you’re going to the hide because Kalli went there so she’s drawing you in. AND she doesn’t need you to get paid. Continue until she’s found all the hides. Let’s see if she starts to get the game! 🙂

            Kimberly Buchanan
            Joyride K9 Dog Training

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            Gina Baker


              Basement – door open for light and position of camera
              No air movement
              About 70 degrees
              8:10 PM
              5 hides – 2 birch, 2 anise and 1 combo – I did not write down which were where, just placed them
              Hides cooked about 20 mins. Probably more like 6-7ft apart
              1 – on blue toolbox
              2- on the bottom on support post
              3- on the roller seat thing
              4- on the metal rack
              5- on the wall

              I was very surprise at how well she did as far as moving on and NOT getting any treat reward at source – just praise and petting.
              Found the first hide pretty quick. I qued her to “search on” but she does stand there looking for more direction. She slowly moves on and at 0:22 – “change of behavior “ – she finds another hide. Goes back to the first hide, does not stay but again looks at me for more direction. I turn away (*Note) she does move on but does not look happy, hits another one and proceeds to move on by herself for the last two. I think I was a little too zealous with my petting and rubbing her back – it almost seemed like she was running from me that next to the last hide. LOL! That is why I called her to me at the end– she did touch the last hide but kept on moving – looking happy.

              *Note – What is your opinion on the situation of looking at you for more direction? I was told at the beginning to turn away and let them work it out – it has now become a habit – and I am not sure it is a good habit. It is pretty devastating to some dogs to have their own look away – I think that is Kalli – she moves on but re-watching the video she looked so unhappy doing it. What would you suggest – giving her another “search on” – maybe touch her, use a hand signal?
              We want to be a team.
              That was a fun one.

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              Kimberly Buchanan

                That was great! Kalli really did work independently from you and that’s huge! 🙂

                Personally, I tell people to NOT look away. Why? Because it’s NOT what you will do when you don’t know where the hides will be. You will be constantly scrutinizing what your dog is doing in order to read them. And in turn they will be reading you. My recommendation would be to look in her direction but do your best to not give her any more than that. IF she won’t move on, just give her a gentle, “Good girl, keep searching” or some type of re-cue.

                You could be slightly less enthusiastic at each hide but gauge it on how Kalli responds. 🙂

                I liked this search for her! I would like to have you repeat it in a new environment. I know Interiors are hard to get to so if you can’t do it now, keep this one in your hat so the next time you do have a chance you might try working it.

                Again, if your search is outside or not secure just put her on leash and pay out the line as gently as possible so you aren’t directing her. It will be good to visit this with each element. 🙂

                Kimberly Buchanan
                Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                Gina Baker

                  Thanks Kim….I agree NOT to turn away – now I have to practice not to look away. Yes, and also agree I was making her nervous with being over enthusiastic.
                  I will see what I can come with for a new environment.

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                  Gina Baker

                    6 hides – well beyond the 5t – 6ft apart
                    Birch, Anise and combo
                    7:50 PM
                    No air movement
                    Pushed the envelope a bit with hides being so far apart and chain link fence
                    I know I didn’t follow directions as well as I should have – but it was a new place, never have been on the basket court and I was able to close the gate with a note on the gate – “Dog in training” –just in case somebody came.
                    The hides were definitely farther apart than they should have been – I am really bad with distance, started to place the hides thinking, “Oh this is going to be a fun search.” But once she got going, I thought she did well.
                    She was very insisted on going back to the first hide – (which seems be her routine) – she does leave the first hide after re-cueing – change of behavior at 0:30 and 0:32 – but comes back to the first hide and was very insisted about it. I moved her on by the harness and then at 0:47 she trots to the next one – still a bit insisted on staying at the second but does move on, hits the third hide – then keeps moving to the fourth, fifth and sixth – even seemed to want to keep searching. I treated heavily off camera.
                    I did not turn away and felt much better about that, I think she was a little confused but I think she appreciated it.
                    I did try hand motion – ? if that was effective or just leading her

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                    Kimberly Buchanan

                      This was lovely!! And I don’t think your hides were too far apart! The spacing was a suggestion based on finding an appropriate interior location. This distance worked well and was actually easier I think.

                      Once Kalli understood that she wasn’t going to be paid again for finding a hide she was willing to move on and found all the hides in a really efficient way. It was almost as if the odor took her by the collar and drew her in. You also learned the value of body pressure! Just taking a couple of steps got Kalli moving again. And the hand gesture, as well. Eventually you may not need to do that and Kalli will move on by herself but good to know that it works when you do! 🙂

                      I really liked that Kalli was still wanting to search at the end. When you consider that she found 6 hides in a little over 2 minutes that’s fantastic!

                      Where else can you go to duplicate the assignment off-leash? I think we’re on a roll and I’d like to reinforce this one more time with paired hides. (After that we’ll look at having them unpaired.) 🙂

                      Kimberly Buchanan
                      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                      Gina Baker

                        NW501:Lesson 3
                        Was able to do another off-leash at a semi-new environment. Tennis court on the other side of the basketball court. – Definitely more distractions.
                        7:45 PM
                        82 degrees
                        A slight breeze now and then – right to left
                        6 hides – birch, anise and combo
                        Different distances
                        Hides were only in position for about 10 mins but had been in the tins for at least 24 hours. I was being lazy – what are your thoughts on that?
                        We both were more distracted on this search.
                        This search also seems more challenging but I felt she moved on well.
                        First hide she got pretty quick – she moved right on – YAY! But she moved on the wrong way – she was heading towards the basketball court – trotting like she was in odor. I let her, did not want to discourage her for moving on from the first hide. 0:32 did say back this way. At 0:49 -I have no cue why I looked away – and sent her back behind me. Shame on me! She thought about the first hide but never went in for it. At 1:50 she did miss the hide on the netting pole but continued to find another hide and waited for me, moved on – third hide keep going, fourth waited then on to fifth. She then widens her search area again towards the basketball court – 3:02 something caught her eye – a little bit of encouragement got her back into the search. You can’t tell but at 3:34 I started to panic – had my eye on three kids on bikes that were weaving back and forth on the road and getting closer! That will send her over the threshold in a split second. At 3:38 decided I need to move her on things going through my mind – hide was not in the area that she was in, she had already been searching awhile and I wanted her to find the last hide so we ended on a good note and we had to hurry! She followed me and it worked out great! Turned around to leave and sure enough there is a kid at gate and Kalli went crazy!!! Told him to back away until I got her out of there – forgot my sign and it just amazes me that the younger generation do not respect closed gates or doors! When we got home I did two quick easy hides – paired.

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                        Kimberly Buchanan

                          A few things;

                          Yes, only aging the hides 10 minutes can make it harder since there hasn’t been a lot of time for the odor to expand and move. However, Kalli did a good job of working the hides and moving on to find another, for the most part! At one point she was quite far from you.

                          When you move to draw Kalli towards another part of the search area (3:39), you always want to keep an eye on her. You don’t have to look fully, just out of the corner of your eye. When you turn your back like that you lose contact and we want Kalli independent but you still want to be “in touch.” 🙂

                          Once you walked away, Kalli stopped searching and trotted to keep up with you. There are times when you want the dog to go to another part of the search area but just *be aware* what can happen. Once you stopped, Kalli immediately went to the last hide.

                          So happy to see this independent side of Kalli and you’ve worked hard to help her find success! 🙂

                          So I’d say the next step is to work a search like this with hides NOT paired. Keep it off-leash but it will mean that you’ll have to get in and pay quickly before Kalli leaves the hide but I suspect she’ll wait to be paid. Try not to “hover” but stand back like you have been in the last couple of searches. 🙂

                          Kimberly Buchanan
                          Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                          Gina Baker

                            That does make a lot of sense, when moving away to still keep in touch and when I stopped she found the hide. Thanks When you put it that, I can see how she can get confused!

                            On to the next

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                            Gina Baker


                              We are back – been a rough couple days. Kalli decided to go on an adventure – getting out of the fenced in yard into the woods and rolling hills of Western NY! She was gone 25hrs and really thought we lost. I had forgotten how many back roads we have! Thank God she returned on her own – covered with burdocks and totally exhausted. A couple days for all of us to rest up and now back to work.
                              72 degrees
                              Very humid outside
                              5 hides – birch, anise and combo
                              – trash can
                              -metal stand in corner
                              -toolbox on floor
                              -one dehumidifier

                              I was hoping that we could redeem ourselves a little from our last lesson – but…
                              She did find the trash can hide quickly and thought she moved on well – found the stool hide. She did hesitate but moved on – then at 0:34 I jumped the gun thinking she had found the toolbox hide but when I got closer she had not actually found it. I most likely lead her to the metal stand one. She was getting a little distracted – at 1:15she went back to the stool hide but did not stay. 1:34 hit the dehumidifier one; I was a little too far away. At 1:54 she went back to the trashcan but never really hit the hide, I recued her but did not need to. At 2:44 went back to the metal rack due to being a little frustrated, I did move closer to the toolbox to draw her in that area. Big party at the end

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                              Kimberly Buchanan

                                I loved this search! I thought Kalli did a wonderful job independently sorting out all the hides! 🙂

                                Something about the toolbox hide made it a bit more difficult than the other hides but she figured that out in the end. (And we do see her GOING to it on a few occasions so you should take note that there is something drawing her over.) What I particularly liked was how Kalli went back to previously found hides to get her bearings. The only one that looked like she was wanting re-payment was the metal stand. And just a light re-cue was all it took for her to keep working. PLUS, it was only after finding all the other hides except the toolbox, which as noted, was a bit more challenging.

                                I think what looks like “distraction” from Kalli could just be her sorting things out. You have 3 hides along the left wall so a lot of odor on that side. She re-checked the stool and headed directly across to the dehumidifier. Those things are important to note so IF you didn’t know where the hides were and you saw her purposely move to a location and then struggle to solve an odor problem you still recognize that she moved in that direction for a reason and you can support that.

                                You can also see that Kalli clearly has an expectation that you will come and pay her when she gets to a hide.

                                I’m really happy with the progress! SO happy to hear that Kalli’s “walkabout” was temporary and she came home. That can be SO scary! Just a sigh of relief! 🙂

                                Kimberly Buchanan
                                Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                Kimberly Buchanan

                                  I will give you the choice whether you want to work more on this independent hunting or focus now on the issue of distractors?

                                  Kimberly Buchanan
                                  Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                  Gina Baker

                                    Good point about odor on left wall and going back to get her bearings vs wanting to get paid again. I forgot the hides cooked for just over an hour. I think she has made really good progress with moving on.
                                    I would like to focus on “distractors”

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                                    Kimberly Buchanan

                                      Ok – distractions like food distractions in containers or pee areas and critter smells?

                                      Kimberly Buchanan
                                      Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                      Gina Baker

                                        Food in container can be a problem but pee area and critter smell has really become an issue and not sure the best way to deal with it

                                        Yes, let’s work on Pee area and critter smell

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                                        Kimberly Buchanan

                                          Ok, sounds like a plan. You’ll likely need to do it on leash but do what works! If you’re going to highly distracting areas I recommend pairing. 🙂

                                          Kimberly Buchanan
                                          Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                          Gina Baker

                                            So, any particular setup?

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                                            Kimberly Buchanan

                                              Similar multi-hide search, hides that are easily accessible and I would pair the hides if you feel the distraction is high for her. If there is mild distraction you can try not pairing. You will handle like you’ve been as best you can while on leash and see what happens. 🙂

                                              Kimberly Buchanan
                                              Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                              Gina Baker

                                                NW501:Lesson 4

                                                I set out to do a exercise for pee distractors but there was a class so I went for the critter distractors . To my surprise, she did not have a problem with staying on task!
                                                73 degrees
                                                Very very humid
                                                7:30 PM
                                                5 hides – birch, anise, and combo –
                                                Different number of q-tips in each tin – 2- 5
                                                Cooked for about 15 mins.

                                                At first she did a little investigating. I think she did well with moving on and did not go off task. I hope to do the pee area in the next day or two.

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                                                Kimberly Buchanan

                                                  SO pleased with how this worked out! Kalli is really working well! 🙂

                                                  A couple of comments on how you move her off of a hide; There are a few occasions where you turn/step in a direction (I think) because you know where the hides are and how you think she should search. Take note:

                                                  (:31) – instead of continuing on the perimeter and along the block wall/railing, you turn her towards the middle. GOOD GIRL Kalli says she’s going to follow the surfaces in the area and locates hide #2.

                                                  (1:04) – your shoulders say, “Let’s go THIS way” but Kalli ignores that and goes where she thinks she needs to go and finds hide #3.

                                                  (1:21) – again, you turn towards the middle, essentially blocking Kalli from continuing down the wall.This time she does go towards the middle and finds hide #4.

                                                  Between hides #4 & 5 it doesn’t matter much since Kalli is already facing the final hide. But this is something you should think about. IF there had been a hide at the far right corner of the building or if you didn’t know where the hides were, would you be preventing Kalli from finding them? We sometimes do this as a way to proof but not as a general rule. 😉

                                                  Kimberly Buchanan
                                                  Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                                  Gina Baker

                                                    Very simple mind – I was still in the mind set of doing Lesson 1,2 and 3 – standing in front of hide. Forget to switch gears! Very good points

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                                                    Gina Baker

                                                      NW501:Lesson 5

                                                      8:30 PM
                                                      4 hides unpaired
                                                      birch, anise and combo
                                                      78 degrees and very very humid again
                                                      Pee area and loud traffic

                                                      This search I really felt we took several steps backwards. It was late and we both were hot and tried. I just did not have the patience as I usually do with her and I am sure she felt it. I should have paired but she was doing so well with pairing thought she would be ready to try without
                                                      I have combined two video– the fist one, right away she is sniffing and pees! She had just pee before we started the search! I pulled her away (as you can see) and yelled NO – not meaning too. I felt so bad – I did not deal with that very well –
                                                      Thoughts, suggestions? When I watched the video, yes you can see that she was sniffing pee but how else do you deal with that – I tried to keep moving. I stopped the search – was that right or wrong?
                                                      I did stop the search and we went for a walk, inside the building and did a couple boxes then back outside to try again. In hindsight I should have paired but hopefully this also gives a good lesson in learning. 0:57 she starts sniffing pee etc again, I pull her away better than the first time but….
                                                      She just didn’t move on as well as she has been and I felt I was back leading her. It certainly was not our best search but like Donna Hreniuk (went to a seminar a couple weeks ago) – learning is not always pretty!


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                                                      Kimberly Buchanan

                                                        Ahhhh…. a good learning search. 😉

                                                        First off, I don’t think you corrected too harshly when Kalli peed. Of course, it’s all relative and I’m sure you were very frustrated but what we SEE on camera is not harsh.

                                                        I want to point out a few things in this search;

                                                        I think it’s too hard for Kalli, in an area that is highly distracting. She seemed not as distracted with the critter smells in the last search but the hides were paired. I think it’s critical to assess what will keep Kalli successful rather than what will test her. Especially after she peed right off the bat – and I believe she noticed the odor on the yellow post and still peed.

                                                        SO, how can you make her successful? Several ways;

                                                        * Drastically reduce the size of the search area
                                                        * Pair the hides
                                                        * Pay MUCH FASTER if hides are not paired
                                                        * Keep her UP and happy. I know you said you were both hot and tired and it showed in your reward process. There were no parties (that I could tell) for finding the odor. Kalli REALLY felt that from you IMO. So it was not motivating for her.

                                                        I am going to propose you try a search in a similar Exterior area that we’ve done a few times w/others where you place just one hide (paired) and give Kalli quick success. Go no further than what the yellow post is, hopefully with the wind blowing towards the start line. Have a party and Kalli goes back to the car, everyone’s happy. Re-pair the first hide and set out a second paired hide, not too far, so that the odor is blowing either to the start line or towards the first hide. (This can be slightly further into the search area.) Give Kalli success and repeat for a 3rd hide and end. Keep her successful and enthusiasm UP.

                                                        Let’s assess and see how that works! 🙂

                                                        Kimberly Buchanan
                                                        Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                                        Gina Baker

                                                          NW501:Lesson 6
                                                          I do have a confession – we were entered into the NW2 Trial this past weekend at Bowsmanville, NY and I was so hoping to be able to surprise all with a title but…unfortunately we were not able get the title this time. I really pushed her on the “distractors” those couple days before the trial. We did get container, exterior, 2 out 3 Interiors and missed the vehicle. I was really surprised on the vehicle – it was the last element and she was done. She freaked her out and I just could not get her back into searching.
                                                          No more cramming for us! It is so hard when you only have one chance (maybe twice) a year – we can only travel so far. But we do live to trial again!

                                                          This was a much better search – I feel we are back on track and I don’t think I broke her! She definitely looked happier and I was back giving her the praise that she deserves.

                                                          78 degrees
                                                          7:00 pm
                                                          Anise – on yellow gas pipe
                                                          Birch – on sidewall
                                                          Combo – the end of the white pipe

                                                          Three videos merged together. As suggest – 1 hide , back to the car – add a hide etc.
                                                          Total of three hides
                                                          All paired
                                                          Probably waited 8 mins between searches
                                                          Brought out the big guns and used liverwurst for pairing!
                                                          After watching the video at 0:40 I did direct her with my body, she did come back around and I stepped in front of the hide – she continued to investigate the tree but started to move on – again I redirected at 0:58 – need to work on that. A little bit better at 1:32 with my body directing her. I feel this was a good search for us.

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                                                          Kimberly Buchanan

                                                            Something happened with the audio on the video – we get a little bit of overlap. Your normal enthusiastic celebration reverberates multiple times! 😀

                                                            I like this simpler search for Kalli. I think with the first hide and quick success she didn’t have a chance to sniff the “other” stuff. With the second search she had success again very quickly and had to make a decision about working or sniffing other things and you gave her the opportunity to make that decision. SHE DIDN’T PEE! 😉 Then she had success at another hide. With all 3 hides (2 in the same locations) she chose odor over the other smells. Yeah! 🙂

                                                            I propose you continue working this problem in a new location, same exercise. One hide just a few feet into the space, second hide added a few feet further, 3rd hide again a few feet further. Pair if you think it will help, especially with a location with a lot of distraction.

                                                            Sorry about the trial but there are always things to be learned! 🙂

                                                            Kimberly Buchanan
                                                            Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                                            Gina Baker

                                                              NW501: Lesson 7

                                                              76 Degrees
                                                              Less humid than it has been
                                                              6:30 – 7:10
                                                              3 hides (2 birch and 1 anise)
                                                              Cooked about 10 mins in between
                                                              Distractions so hides are paired and visible – liverwurst
                                                              Very light air movement
                                                              Placed one hide – searched, placed second hide search then placed third search –
                                                              First hide on garbage can
                                                              Second hide on post of grill
                                                              Third hid on leg of picnic table

                                                              Did take her for a walk and made sure she peed right before the search. I started close to the first hide.
                                                              First hide – she caught the scent right away –(liverwurst). I loved the way she trotted right to the hide! She usually does not move that fast. She was tested and found to have some basset hound in her LOL!
                                                              Second hide – started about the same spot -first hide she got and did have a little trouble moving her on – lots of good smells around that can. She did move on, might have directed a little bit with my body position, – found the second hide.
                                                              Third hide- again started about the same spot – another distraction of a car going by so waited – she went to the hide. I was a little distracted watching where the car parked – 1:24 she was also concern but turned back to the hide! A little trouble moving on but went to the third hide. I tried to square up my body position to move her on but not director – did I come close to success? She went back at 2:16 and I cued her to search on but at 1:05 I stepped into her instead of stepping back!! So she again went back to the hide and I got her leash caught around her neck that made me walks her even closer to the hide – I did not reward – then she had some room to move on to the third. And should have given her more room. The things you learn with videos.

                                                              Still having a little bit trouble moving on – any suggests as to what my body position should be?


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                                                              Kimberly Buchanan

                                                                Very nice, Gina! I think you did an excellent job of moving Kalli along when you saw her nose plastered to the ground with the 2-hide search. Once her nose comes up she bee-lines it to the hide on the BBQ. With the 3-hide search, I’m thinking the distraction of the car was good for YOU to have to work thru as well as Kalli! 😉

                                                                Interesting in the 3-hide search Kalli heads to the 3rd hide after the first then goes around the picnic table. You know where the hides are but you still support her and then get her to move along.

                                                                Nice celebrations, nice reinforcement at odor. Overall some nice searches! 🙂

                                                                What are your thoughts about repeating this at another location vs trying something different? What else would you like to work on?

                                                                Kimberly Buchanan
                                                                Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                                                Gina Baker

                                                                  Thanks KIm…..Over all I did like this searches also. The judge at the trial a couple weeks who judged both interior made the comment that Kalli needs to work more independently. I know he only sees as for a couple minutes and doesn’t know our journey but I would like to do an excerise to help her (and me) to feel more comfort working independently.

                                                                  Looking forward to another assignment


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                                                                  Kimberly Buchanan

                                                                    Try some single hide searches in a less distracting environment. Give her an “easy” problem to solve and let’s see how she manages it all on her own – no leash, no pairing, stand back and observe. I would go with a smallish search area so she doesn’t have an opportunity to wander too far. 🙂

                                                                    Kimberly Buchanan
                                                                    Joyride K9 Dog Training

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                                                                    Gina Baker

                                                                      NW501: Lesson 8

                                                                      7:00 – 7:20
                                                                      68 degrees
                                                                      No wind
                                                                      1 hide – birch
                                                                      Area was gated off
                                                                      Off leash
                                                                      Very little distractions
                                                                      Is a familiar place

                                                                      We did three searches in the same area – they seemed easy and quick for her and she seemed to be having a good time. Did I search at a time with about 10 mins. in between. I placed the hide around the same area – ? if that was good or bad – I thought she did well.

                                                                      First search – On garage door in the middle low -she went to the perimeter and followed to the hide. Thought that was interesting – I don’t think we have every done a search that there wasn’t an object in the middle or around, which she what she would usually work off. I actually jumped the gun just a little, thought she had it at 0:12 and stated to go in and reward – she did go by it for a second and then had it.

                                                                      Second search – on the garage car right hand corner low -she went to where it was the first time but again went to the perimeter – unfortunately I am off camera and at 0:55 she was in front of where I was standing but she did not stay and barley looked up and I did not have to re-cue – she kept going!

                                                                      Third search – on the ground in front of the middle of the door – thought I would push just a little – almost an in-the-crack search – she did well – and a great body turn! This time she went right to the area of the previous hides and then went off the garage door – her nose definitely went high and I think she actually hit it with her back paw at 1:30 – It was a fun search

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                                                                      Kimberly Buchanan

                                                                        Gina – I’ve watched this several times and I apologize it’s taken me so long to review!

                                                                        I actually don’t think you “jumped the gun” on rewarding Kalli for the first find! I think your timing was pretty good. Funny how we think we’re early. I love that she quickly zero’ed in on that first find from the wall to the left and had a distinct change of behavior when she got to the hide. 🙂

                                                                        On the second search, smart girl goes back to the previous success but quickly realizes that the hide is not there and continues to search.Had she turned right instead of left I know she’d have solved that problem quickly, as well. Important to note, for you, that just because she’s been in “an area” doesn’t necessarily mean she’s covered it. Once she did get to it she gave you a nice indication “Ok, come pay me now!” 🙂

                                                                        Really interesting 3rd search! You can see how the odor is moving “UP,” maybe pushed towards the walls, up and dropping. But something about the stream of air catches Kalli and she quickly realizes the hide is on the ground. We don’t see the leaves moving so the airflow must be very different within the walls of your driveway vs outside of them. If you have smoke matches or a way to “see” the air movement it would be really interesting. Fun!

                                                                        Thanks for much for sharing these searches! Kalli looks really good and I keep seeing improvements with both of you! 🙂

                                                                        Kimberly Buchanan
                                                                        Joyride K9 Dog Training

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