Linda Bath

This morning I rented Betco space to do this hide. Deb was kind enough to be my videographer and commentator. She says Hi.
We set up a series of three spaces. !. Box at start line.(anise) 2. Added hide at the stacked red chairs.(birch) 3. Added hide at the farthest metal chair folded on the floor.(birch) Room was chilly, no fans.
First search.
I hold Molly before line and then when she looks towards odor (Deb saying OK?) and I release her. She checks the far box first, middle, then alerts on odor.
Second search.
This time Molly goes to odor box..jack pot. She then continues towards odor, first checking out the metal chair on the ground. Follows odor (birch) to red chairs and alerts.
Third search.
Molly goes straight to odor on the line. Moves toward red chairs, but checks out the box beside the red chairs. Then alert.
She then moves towards the last hide. Molly is on odor and checks the first metal chair. She then moves on to the folded chair. Alert. Yeah!!
We did a series of these searches changing locations of the hides, but still doing first one, then two, then three.
Molly seemed to catch on.