Gina Baker

    NW501: Lesson 7

    76 Degrees
    Less humid than it has been
    6:30 – 7:10
    3 hides (2 birch and 1 anise)
    Cooked about 10 mins in between
    Distractions so hides are paired and visible – liverwurst
    Very light air movement
    Placed one hide – searched, placed second hide search then placed third search –
    First hide on garbage can
    Second hide on post of grill
    Third hid on leg of picnic table

    Did take her for a walk and made sure she peed right before the search. I started close to the first hide.
    First hide – she caught the scent right away –(liverwurst). I loved the way she trotted right to the hide! She usually does not move that fast. She was tested and found to have some basset hound in her LOL!
    Second hide – started about the same spot -first hide she got and did have a little trouble moving her on – lots of good smells around that can. She did move on, might have directed a little bit with my body position, – found the second hide.
    Third hide- again started about the same spot – another distraction of a car going by so waited – she went to the hide. I was a little distracted watching where the car parked – 1:24 she was also concern but turned back to the hide! A little trouble moving on but went to the third hide. I tried to square up my body position to move her on but not director – did I come close to success? She went back at 2:16 and I cued her to search on but at 1:05 I stepped into her instead of stepping back!! So she again went back to the hide and I got her leash caught around her neck that made me walks her even closer to the hide – I did not reward – then she had some room to move on to the third. And should have given her more room. The things you learn with videos.

    Still having a little bit trouble moving on – any suggests as to what my body position should be?